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Funding Top Surgery

$1,530raised of $2,000 goal

Organizer: Ben Panico Beneficiary: Ben Panico

As a transman, having top surgery is an important step in having a body that affirms my gender identity. Unfortunately, insurance companies disagree...

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!!! Please facebook message me your address or email me at so I can write you a thank you card whilst on bed rest. :)

I have been on Testosterone for one year now, and I am so pleased with the results. I cannot wait to have surgery and feel so much more comfortable in my skin. My double mastectomy is scheduled for December 10th with Dr. Beverly Fischer, here in Maryland. Because insurance companies do not cover gender affirming surgeries for trans* individuals, I have to pay the whole cost out of pocket. The surgery is $7,350. So far, I have paid almost a third of that. If I could get even a hundred dollars in donations, it would mean the world to me. Being a full-time student makes it difficult to save money, but I have been working diligently, as this surgery is really important to me and my mental health. For once, I am looking for to beach season!
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by Ben Panico
Thanks to all you amazing people, I have raised almost 20% of my surgery cost! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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by Ben Panico
My surgery is in just one month!

Thank you to everyone who donated. I am just $30 shy of 1/10 of my surgery cost!!
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by Ben Panico
Not even two days in, and already 500 dollars! You all are amazing. Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how much this means to me. :)
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