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Organizer: Imagine International Academy of North Texas. Beneficiary: Ileana Shuman

Please continue to pray for Ileana and her family as they travel the difficult road ahead!

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Ileana Shuman is only 5, but she is a warrior.

On May 1, 2012,  Ileana Shuman was diagnosed with a Pontine Glioma.  This is considered the worst form of brain cancer.  Radiation and chemotherapy were unable to shrink the tumor.  On January 8th, she was taken off all medications. The experts say that it will take a miracle to save her.  It's a good thing that the Shuman family believes in miracles. 

Ileana is a tough little girl and a prayer warrior.  This is an uphill battle but one that the Shumans are determined to win.  Your donations will go directly into a custodial account that will be used for expenses directly related to Ileana's care - medical, travel, groceries, etc.  Please consider supporting this family as they exhaust every possible avenue in their quest to save their daughter's life.

To read more about Ileana's battle, visit

The Shuman family asks that you take a moment to give thanks to God for the fact that Ileana is still fighting.  They would like to say "thank you" to all who are praying for their precious little angel, Ileana.  Please keep Ileana and her family in your thoughts and in your prayers.

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by Imagine International Academy of North Texas.
Ileana is currently receiving treatment at St. Jude's in Memphis.  Her mother would love to be able to visit her as much as possible.  If you have extra AA miles, or ticket passes, and would be willing to share these with the Shuman Family, please contact Mayra @  Have a wonderful day!
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