Friends helping Topango -- Disabling injury.

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On Sept 2, while excited about installing appliances for his expanding business, Topango Segura fell 3 stories off his building onto concrete, breaking 11 different bones, including completely shattering his right elbow and breaking his left hip and pelvis.  He was rushed to a trauma center and had emergency surgery on his right elbow, which had bones sticking out.  His elbow had to be reconstructed, and a few days later he had another operation to try to reconstruct his left hip and pelvis.  As most of you know, Topango is an amazingly gifted bodyworker.  Many of us have benefitted from his therapeutic skill and mystical delivery of bodywork, as well as his generous spirit, bright smile, and gentle, sweet soul.  Now he is no longer able to work, and can't even begin rehabilitation until the end of the year when he can start bearing weight.  He is in a rehab hospital and is expected to be there for 6 months or more.
Sadly, like most self-employed people, Topango was uninsured. He wont be earning any income for a long time, and will have huge medical bills.  He has already lost his home, and will probably have to sell his car and some of his things.  It is heartbreaking to see him suffer through this and lose so much, and have to try to start over next year with a huge debt to pay.  Through all this, Topango has remained in high spirits, positive, strong, warm and loving. He is focused on his recovery and healing, and is working very, very hard.  His therapists are amazed at how hard he is working, and his nurses and doctors are touched by his gentle, graceful presence and sweetness to everyone around him despite being bed and wheelchair bound and in constant pain.
Please help us raise funds for his bills and to get Topango Segura Bodywork resurrected when he is ready. Topango has given so generously of his skills, loving touch, openness, and so much more through the years, relieving our physical ailments and healing our souls.  Now he needs our help and we want to give back to him.
Your thoughts and prayers are of course appreciated, but with the expense of everything in our world today, what he really needs now are financial donations, which can be done here by easily clicking on the "Give Now" button on this page (above).
Thank you so much for your help.
Robert Chehoski

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