Fight For The Right To Breath..

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Im a single mother of two very Beautiful little ppl Kolden is 9 and Kadence is 8. To think of what they are going through seeing me with cancer once again just absolutely breaks my already broken heart.. I was diagnosed with bone cancer late 2011 only to over come that battle against the beast and to live a year and one month in remission praying to god it was over.. we had a happy year full of joy love and smiles but it all came crashing down went in for a routine checkup only to find out my bone cancer has came back but only it came back as lung cancer deff not the words I wanted to hear..
Being a single mother is a strugle but now having lung cancer im unable to work and medical bills are stackin up and house hold bills and travel expense for the trips for treatment the world in becoming a scary place..Everyday when i have another day to wake up is a blessing but how long i can hold everything together i have no idea...
My medicine is very expensive and I hate asking anyone for anything cause i have this chip on my shoulder to prove to the world that i can do this but im failing this ship im sailing feels like its going to sink... im going to need to have my left lung removed and replaced with a pump so more time from work..
This is something I would never do but Im asking now please from the bottom of my heart even if just a few cents help me and my children not worry about tomorrow and be thankful that we have today....
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