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Faith, Not Fear: Former Rocket Ashlee Barrett Battles Leukemia with Support From Fiancée Ben Pike.

$0raised of $2,000 goal

Organizer: Toledo Rockets Beneficiary: Ashlee Barrett & Ben Pike

Help out former rocket Ashlee Barrett who is Battling Leukemia with Support From Fiancée Ben Pike who is a former rocket football player who gave up his senior year to support Ashlee.

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(Long Hair!! Don't Care). A like for one of our teams will be viewed as an "oath" to donate. Donations can be $1, 2, 5, or 10 per inch or any flat sum amount. If you choose to donate based on an amount per inch, you will only be responsible for the inches of hair cut off of the individual you chose to “sponsor” rather than the grand total of each team combined. Feel free to vote for the team of your choice and then post the amount you plan on pledging to the team you voted for. The days to donate are April 13th and April 15th. There is no way to enforce the pledged donations so we will be going off of the honor system, so please take it seriously. This is for a great cause, and for an even better person. All proceeds will be going to the Ashlee Barret Fund. Each of us will be cutting our hair leading up to the donation date but will keep the length removed classified until the specified days. Pictures will be posted for your enjoyment. If you have any questions feel free to message one of us. Thank you. FAITH Not Fear.
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