Evan's Journey Through Epilepsy

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      Evan's journey with epilepsy began four years ago when he was diagnosed with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy at the age of eight.  After many doctor opinions, medication trials, hospitalizations, and misdiagnoses, Evan has still not responded to any treatments or medications.  Evan's condition has grown progressively worse in the last six months.  He is beginning to show signs of brain deterioration.  Recently, we have been given the opportunity to try to become seizure free through a series of brain surgeries beginning on February 25, 2013.  Evan's epileptologist and neurosurgeon are confident that these procedures will bring a seizure free lifestyle to an optimistic boy who wants to lead a normal life.

      Your donation will help cover expenses for travel and lodging for Evan's family throughout his surgeries and recovery.  It also will help alleviate the burden of medical expenses and loss of family income during this time. 

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