Ella is ready to roll, can you help with our dream

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Beneficiary: Ella Lanay Hunt Organizer: Dan and Erica Hunt

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Before you educate yourself on our story, please know we have a goal set that in 31 days with 1000 people giving $31 in the month of March (which happens to be Ella's 31st month of life) we will raise $31,000.  ARE YOU IN?

Ella Lanay Hunt is a joyful 2 1/2 year old little girl.  In her minds eye she is just like all her other toddler friends.  Physically her world is eons different.  Ella has SMA type 1.  Her disease cripples her body from making the neuron to create muscle tone.  Ella cannot hold her head up, sit up, swallow or breath independently.  Ella has to lay flat due to the lack of respiratory support and muscle tone, however, when properly supported she can ride sitting upright in a powerchair.  To be able to sit up and look out the window as we drive is a gift Ella has not been afforded yet.   As Ella has grown to over 3 feet tall and the challenge of having a vehicle to fit the growing family has become cumbersome (as she takes up an entire middle seat) and Ella travels with a "mini ICU" (multiple machines and supplies) to accomodate her needs.  Ella has two very loving brothers who are also growing :).  The time has come to equip the Hunt family with a wheelchair van that can meet their needs (including a medical support person to sit next to her at all times for suctioning).  Ella has to travel 5 hours to see her specialist several times a year and all her ICU stays are in Madison, WI as well.  The Hunt's have been able to save enough money needed for half of the costs, but are hitting a roadblock on the remaining amount.  This van will provide a safer travel for Ella's body as she can ride in her stroller or wheelchair versus being transferred from the van to the stroller at every stop.  Ella is quarantined in the winter due to the cold/flu season so the goal is to raise enough to get the van by spring.  This way, the Hunt family can make the trip to Madison, WI safely and comfortably as well as enjoy the summer months crossing items off their bucket list.  Thank you in advance for having a heart to love this angel in this way.  The Hunt's, although deeply challenged by the diagnosis, feel blessed God gave them an angel such as this to care for.  You will become one of Ella's angels and a part of her legacy.
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