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Eddie Ewing... victim of the knockout game

$12,235raised of $25,000 goal

Organizer: Patricia Logan Beneficiary: Eddie Ewing

On Sunday night, my friend Eddie was attacked while walking home from the local gay bar with his friend Jeff Adkins. Two men approached the couple and a moment later, Eddie suffered a broken jaw.

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Eddie and fiance Jeff, left the local gay bar in Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Sunday night, when they were visciously attacked by two men coming at them from the other direction. Eddie was hit, knocked out, hitting the pavement, causing a major concussion, and is currently hospitalized, suffering from a broken jaw, a crushed salivary gland and major head injuries, the extent of which, have yet to be determined. 

The police have yet been able to determine whether this has been a gay bashing or not, yet Eddie remains drugged and in excruciating pain from his injuries. It is thought that Eddie may be the victim of the "knockout" game, a cruel "prank" perpetrated by thugs against unsuspecting victims.

Eddie is a colorist at a well-known local salon in the Detroit area. He has many friends but unfortunately, as a self-employed person, he has no insurance. Because same sex marriage is illegal in the state of Michigan, it is fairly certain that Jeff's insurance benefits will not pay for Eddie's hospital visits. A victim's fund has stepped forward, though it is unclear how much they will contribute to his expenses.

I emplore my friends to help Eddie and Jeff. With brain scans and possible surgery, they are facing $25,000 plus in medical bills and Eddie will be unable to work for some time. Thank you for your support.

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by Patricia Logan
Eddie has come out of surgery where a metal plate was inserted, fusing pieces of his shattered jaw together. No wires were required to fix his jaw, thank goodness. His salivary duct has been reconstructed and he is now in recovery. Jeff has been pacing in the waiting room since the early morning and is relieved that Eddie is out of surgery and the prognosis is good. Our friend's recovery will be a long process. Jeff cannot thank you enough for your generous outpouring of support on Eddie's behalf. The MM community of authors, friends, allies, and readers are an amazing bunch of people!
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