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Organizer: Connie Aliverto Beneficiary: Dorothy "Dot" Aliverto

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We are raising money for our Mom, Dorothy "Dot" Aliverto who is currently battling stage IV lung cancer, and a staph infection in her brain. In order to help her pay for rising medical costs, we are trying to fill her tree with hearts for Valentines Day, for every donation we will put a heart on her tree in your honor. We are hoping to fill her tree up, to show her how much love and support she has. Thank you to anyone that can help. The money raised will go towards paying for Dots $1600 per week medical costs, this is for antibiotic medication, chemotherapy, radiation and IV supplies not covered by insurance.


by Connie Aliverto
Hello All! I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! Dorothy had an exceptional Valentines Day, the Doctor called her up and told her she no longer had to take Oxcacillin, the IV medicine she has been on since her surgery. Currently there is no sign of a staph infection! Yay! She will have a follow up appointment in May to make sure there is still no staph infection, and to discuss the next procedure of putting the prosthetic bone back in her head to protect her brain.

This coming Wednesday will be her first round of chemotherapy and radiation, out of what the doctor would like to be 10 - 12 rounds. I will let you all know how she responds to the treatment. Please keep Dorothy in your thoughts and prayers, sending her the strength to battle this asshole we call cancer. 

Greg, Alyssa, and Connie
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by Connie Aliverto
Wanted to post a quick update.

Dorothy is finishing up her second week out of four (hopefully) of the Oxcacillin antiobiotic medication. This is an IV antibiotic that is fighting off the staph infection in her brain. The doctors are hopeful that four weeks of this IV will do the trick. Once the staph infection is gone, Dorothy will begin chemotherapy and radiation.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive! It is hard to explain how appreciative Dot is to everyone, it is overwhelming to see such generous people reach out to help her. Besdides the obvious financial burden this lifts off her shoulders, the emotional support you have provided is truley priceless!

We would also like to thank, Linda Resende, Dominic Zambuto, Jin Hirata, and the European Wax Center Marlboro store for directly donating to Dots Hearts. We will post a new picture of the tree soon!

- Greg, Alyssa, and Connie
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