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Beneficiary: Andrea & Kevin Dunklow Organizer: Jennifer Strange

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My 17-month-old nephew, Draven, is an amazingly cute and charismatic child.  He loves to dance, his smile is infectious, and his soul is as gentle as they come.  This sweet little peanut, however, was recently diagnosed with a hereditary form of retinoblastoma.  This rapidly developing and rare type of eye cancer is found in young children.  It was determined to be bilateral (in both of his eyes) and he is currently preparing at Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids for systemic chemotherapy treatments.

My sister and her husband, Andrea and Kevin Dunklow, are fortunate to have health insurance, which will hopefully cover most of the treatment costs.  The insurance did not cover though the $4000 for both of them to complete necessary genetic testing.  In addition, the out-of-pocket expenses are placing further stress upon them.  They would benefit immensely from funds that could cover the cost of travel, vehicle repairs, and lost income as they commute to and from their home in Traverse City and Devos in Grand Rapids.  This would also allow them to continue to provide for their other 4 children: Jalee (age 6), Dylan (age 5), and Jackson (age 4) as well as Joslyn (Draven's twin sister).  Joslyn has not been separated from her brother since they came home from the hospital until now and she is missing her brother's presence in the family home.

Any amount that you could donate to ease the financial stress on my sister's family would be greatly appreciated.  My goal is to allow them to put their entire focus on Draven and their other children, without stressing about how they will cover their bills.  If nothing else, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
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