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Dollars for Danielle

$65,087raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Gotchey family Beneficiary: Janice Kiggins and Daniel Gotchey

Please help, Danielle, a spirited young woman who is paralyzed due to a motor vehicle accident. The other driver was at fault and is uninsured. Her family is desperate for funds for medical expenses.

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"Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says, I'm Possible!" 

Everyone who has met Danielle knows she is a caring, fun loving, bright, and vibrant young woman.  She is a friend to everyone. She is incredibly generous and has a huge heart, she will do anything for anyone. She is strong both physically and mentally which she has shown us since July 21st when her life was changed in a horrible motorcycle accident. In addition to her many life threatening injuries a T6 spinal cord injury has left her a paraplegic. However horrific this is, it has not taken away her fierce determination or will power and her spirit and sense of humor have not been lost. She is an amazing fighter and is determined to walk again.  Her courage and hope will continue to amaze us all.  

Due to the enormous medical expenses incurred now and in the future we have set up this fundraiser in hopes of helping Danielle and her family.  Please consider donating any amount you can, as every dollar helps.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about this amazing young woman.  Your support is immensely appreciated!
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by Gotchey family
Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the benefit for Danielle this past weekend! It was a great turn out and so much fun!  We are so happy that Danielle was able to come to the event.  She enjoyed seeing each and every one of you and is overwhelmed by your generosity!!   Danielle has a new "caring bridge" site which will be updated with details on her progress and it's also a great place to leave her a message.  Just search "caring bridge" and enter "Danielle Gotchey" on the home page.  It will direct you to her personal page.  We would like to ask for your continued prayers and for your help in sharing Danielle's story.  Though she is progressing at great strides, she still has a long way to go and your love and prayers help more than you'll ever know.  Danielle continues to wear her beautiful smile, even under the most difficult of days and still amazes us with her positive and hopeful attitude. We are eternally grateful for everything you have done for Danielle and the entire Gotchey family.  Please know that you are all in our prayers daily.  We thank God for all of you and the blessings He has given us.  Love, thanks and prayers!!!

by Gotchey family
Danielle continues to amaze us with her strength, both physically and mentally.  She had the pins removed from her right hand which will allow her to begin use of her dominant hand.  Her physical therapy continues and her schedule is grueling.  This being said, she is still full of smiles and always asking how everyone else true Danielle spirit :) Please keep her in your prayers and share this link with your friends and family.  If you happen to be in Denver the 7th of September "The Dawghouse" is hosting a benefit for Danielle from 3 - 7 pm.  It would be great to be able to thank you all in person!  We continue to pray for each and every one of you.  Love, blessings and thanks!!

by Gotchey family
Danielle was cleared by her Doctors last week to attend "hobie day" where they took all the able patients to cherry creek reservoir to ride pontoons, hobies and jet boats.  Danielle was cleared to ride the pontoon only.  She enjoyed getting out of the hospital.  Since the pontoon ride she has struggled with dizziness, nausea and low blood pressure, and of course reality.  Danielle rides the muscle stimulation bike 3 times a week.  For the first time she used a machine to get her into a standing position.  Her goal was 45% and she made it to 50%!  She was very dizzy and nauseated but she did it!!  Her therapy is more and more intense and is now up to 5 hours a day.  Along with the physical therapy, she is going through neurological testing.  She is, as you might expect, exhausted and sore.  However, her joyful attitude and sweet spirit continues to amaze us!!  Her battle is just beginning so please pray for her and share our prayer request with your friends and families.  The outpouring of love and support from all of you continues to overwhelm and humble us, words cannot express our thanks!  Love and blessings to you all!!

by Gotchey family
We are a little over halfway to our goal, all due to your generous support! Many thanks to all of you! We are overwhelmed and deeply touched. Although Danielle is improving, she still has a long and difficult journey. She has good days and bad days, emotions are high and her therapy is intense. Danielle needs prayers for strength and courage, and hope for the road ahead. So, if you can find time to share this link with your facebook friends, it would be most appreciated. Our gratitude can never be expressed with words!  Blessings and thanks to all of you!

by Gotchey family
Wow, what a difference a week makes! The outpouring of your love, prayers and support are just amazing! "Thank you" doesn't begin to express our gratitude to all of you! Your prayers are working miracles as Danielle continues to improve daily. She has been moved from Swedish to Craig Rehabilitation Center. Please continue to pray for her as she embarks on this journey. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

by Gotchey family
First and foremost thank you for your generous support and prayers!  Danielle is continuing to improve daily.  We are all so grateful to everyone who has been praying for her and for the brilliant medical staff at Swedish Hospital.  We are one-fifth of the way to our fundraising goal! Again, thank you all so very much for your generosity.  We are humbled by the blessings and grateful to God for each and every one of you.





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