Dogger needs our help to get well!

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Dogger has taken a turn for the worse. What looked like a simple chest cold has turned into a bad case of pneumonia. No doubt the stress of being dumped in a pound after 8 years with a family did not help matters. He needs to be admitted to hospital and administered antibiotics and fluids, in the hopes he'll recover. Dogger did not ask to be dumped, and catch this bad bug in a dirty pound. He would have preferred to stay with his family, no matter how much they neglected him. But they left an older dog to an almost certain death, and we want him to see the love a real family can bring him one day. Please help us to make Dogger well again!
Only today his bill was 350$ :( and will continue to get higher as  he needs to stay there under surveillence and further tests..
thank you for considering helping Dogger!

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