DJ Bruno's Retirement Fund

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Organizer: Beneficiary: Eddy Morency aka DJ Bruno

This fundraiser is closed

After 25 years, our beloved DJ Bruno will be retiring. 

As he says in his retirement video, he is making this tough decision so that he may take care of his health and take care of his family. 

He has given so much to us as a community, and we want to give back to him in a real and meaningful way.  

You are who you are because of DJ Bruno. 

Please show him how much he means to you by donating whatever you can, so we can lessen the burden just a little for him and his family, Letty, Eddy, and Emma.  

We will keep the fundraiser open through April, so even if you are just able to give a little bit at a time, it will be appreciated and helpful. Even if it's just the $5 or $10 that you would have spent on his party... 

And you know he would be mad if he found out! So keep it quiet!

Much love,

Boston's House Music Community
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