Diane Tranchell - ALS - Lou Gehrig Disease

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Beneficiary: Diane Tranchell / ALS Society of Michigan Organizer: Colleen Pace

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to our YouCaring fundraiser for a handicap accessible van for Diane Tranchell. As most of you know, the van was delivered the day before a dinner/dance fundraiser on March 2. Diane was able to travel in the van to the hall to watch Friday night decorating; and stayed at the fundraiser throughout the entire dinner and entire dance. At night's end, she rolled out along with those of us who cleared the tables and stacked the chairs.

A couple of days later, Diane had trouble breathing. Steve and Eric used the new van to take her to the hospital; and commented on how incredibly helpful it was. Sadly, Diane died during the early morning of March 7. Her oxygen level dropped drastically; and she was taken by ambulance to Owosso Memorial where she expired.

Aside from a brief spurt of tears when Diane saw how many people were coming through the doors for the dinner/dance, we will never forget Diane's all-night-long smile. All of the effort for both the van and the dinner/dance were so very worth it.

Steve will meet with our representative from the ALS Society of Michigan this week to discuss the demise of the van; but the expectation is that it will be made available to another worthy ALS patient. Thank you for your part in these last months of Diane's life; for making them as good as they could have possibly been.

 Colleen Pace

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