Diabetic Alert Dog for Jack Schroeder

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Beneficiary: Jack Schroeder Organizer: Nicole Schroeder

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Jack Schroeder is a nine-year old boy that lives in Ransomville, NY - a suburb of Buffalo, NY. Jack was diagnosed with severe autism at 18 months of age. He was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. This combination is extremely rare. Jack is non-verbal, so this double-diagnosis is especially difficult because he cannot communicate with his parents or teachers when his blood sugar spikes or drops. This benefit has been established to purchase a Diabetic Service Alert Dog, so that when Jack's blood sugar is at a dangerous level, those that care for him will be notified immediately. For Jack, this is not for convenience, but to potentially save his life.

Otherwise, Jack is a typical little boy. He loves to swing, swim in the pool, and watch Go Diego Go. He especially enjoys summer because he can be outside all day long. He attends Summit Academy and is beginning to use his IPAD with the goal of it serving as his communication device one day.

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