Dee Dee needs our help in healing naturally from cancer

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For those of you who don't know Dee Dee Cocheta, she is definitely the Queen matriarch of her family of 7 children and three grandchildren.  A music industry veteran, a friend and mentor, she is always giving hugs and love while many are inspired by Dee Dee's positive, 'Queens Never Quit' motto 

In October 2012, Dee Dee was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer stage 2 grade 3 with a 2cm. tumor in her left breast .She also found out that she carries the BRCA2 mutated gene which simply means she has a potential higher rate for breast, ovarian, pancreatic and melanoma cancer than an average person. Since then, the tumor has grown to 4 cm. with a few lymph nodes and she is now a Stage 3 meaning that it's beginning to spread.

Dee Dee born indigeneous to the Yakama and Puyullap tribes has always been one to be and do things as natural as possible. Dee Dee had a bout with precancerous cells back in 2003 and having a mother and Uncle who died of cancer/chemo, she has seen and been thru this process. Fear did settle in, yet while speaking to so many MD's, ND's, surgeons and onconolgists to find what she feels would be the best treatment for her, the conclusion was to avoid any toxicities as possible, to keep her immune system healthy and return this tumor to a malignant state and become cancer free.  She knows this can only be done through the power of the DIVINE and GOD's healing abilities within. Of course this will take time and money. Those that know Dee Dee already ask 'how do you do it with all these children'; constantly working, volunteering, always occupied and sometimes hard-headed to the point where we even had to remind her to slow down yet she did not always listen to family and friends, nurturing others before self. Well now it is our time to take care of her.
Cancer won't stop Dee Dee, already healing naturally through prayer, meditation and although time consuming and limited in working full time because her oncologist and primary doctor requested a year of abscence, she will be blogging about this journey and share her testimony on her website -  In the meantime, she has turned to family and friend for our support. Dee Dee shared researching natural holistic possibilities would cost an average of about 1600 minimum monthly to agressively attack this for the next two years. And we know Dee Dee is determined as some of you have witnessed Dee Dee's dedication to family and work, to heal herself completely.   
We ask that you support us in not only keeping her lifted in prayer but assist in reducing monthly medical costs.
If you have items to donate, dee dee is in need of:
  • Green Star GSE-5000 Elite twin gear Juice Extractor
  • Energy~Starr* hydraulic juice press
  • Dehydrator
  • Toaster Oven
  • Gift cards to Vitamin Shoppe for supplements

If you ever had the opportunity to meet Dee Dee you have felt the positive energy and love strongly as she is an inspiration to us all.  Let's give back that strength and courage in helping Dee Dee's fight against cancer. 
For those of us who have been given so much by Dee Dee or witnessed her pay it forward attitude we now have a chance to give back to her.
Please consider donating to Dee Dee's medical fund so she can focus all of her time and energy on healing her body and not on any other type of expenses or work. Any amount will help and be immensely appreciated! 
We thank you for keeping her and her family in your thoughts and appreciate your continued love and support of Dee Dee Cocheta.

Johnnie Walker, Founder of NABFEME
Zina Brown, ATLANTA/ SOUTH NABFEME Operations Manager
Juan C. Williams
& dee dee M. cocheta
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