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On March 19th, our friend David Price had a serious bike accident near Santa Clarita, California. After his gears jammed he lost control, went over the handlebars and landed face first breaking his jaw, cheek, nose and a few teeth. Luckily he was able to flag down a passing truck full of good samaritans who helped him call EMTs (even while in a million pieces David’s first instinct was to share all of this on Facebook).

The good news is that David is on the road to recovery. He has received oral and maxillofacial surgery and prognoses are positive. The bad news is that David, like the vast majority of the people reading this, is unable to pay for the treatment he’s received out of pocket and as a freelancer he’s not offered health insurance.

A partial list of the expenses includes (some of these are still estimates):

Hospital Stay Costs: $44,790
Ambulance Cost: $1,058
E.R. Doctor - $354
Anesthesiologist - $3,700
Plastic Surgeon - $18,500
X-Rays - $50-100
CT Scans - $1,033

Obviously, it’s unrealistic to expect someone in David’s profession, at this stage in his career, to afford this without help. And that’s why we need you. The most realistic estimate of the final costs for this incident is $69,181. David will need the support of his friends and the friends of his friends to make it through this difficult time.

You can donate directly through this site and they accept all major credit cards.

If David could he would tell you how much he appreciates your generosity but at the moment he’s a little preoccupied eating through a tube. With a smile on his face. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



by His Friends
David is doing much better health-wise but we've started getting some unfortunate figures from the billing departments.

- It now looks like our hospital stay will cost $44,790 instead of the estimated $32,000.
- The Anesthesiologist bill was $500 more than expected.
- And lastly we found out that our estimate of $5,709 for the plastic surgeon bill will actually be closer to $18,500.

That means that our new total is a staggering $69,181. So, if anyone has other ways to raise money or people they can send out to please let us know or take action. We're now talking about more than an entire years wages for most people and he's gonna need the help.

- Andrew
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