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Daffodil's 2 surgeries

$340raised of $620 goal

Organizer: STAR - Saving the Animals of Rowan Beneficiary: STAR - Saving the Animals of Rowan

Daffodil had pyometra and a dislocated hip, plus a botched spay surgery!

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Here's the message we got.  Clearly we had to save her, so we went ahead with surgeries, going on faith that our supporters would help us cover this vet bill:

Someone dropped a Boston Terrier at vet. She has pyometra and dislocated hip. Adult but not real old. She needs spayed today if saving her.

Update from vet's office after surgery: She's doing good, finished up a bit ago. She had a dislocated hip, FHO was done. Here is the kicker on the pyo, she had been spayed......partially. Whomever had spayed her, left a very large portion of the uterus behind. Doc had to remove the affect "stump" which was half the length of a normal uterus of a dog that size. She weights 16 lbs. With her blood work, x-rays and 2 procedures total bill is $620.
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