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Beneficiary: Scott McMeekan Organizer: Family and Friends of Scott McMeekan

Scott McMeekan was a 46 year old husband to Joy and father to their three beautiful daughters: Kelsi age 15, Sydney age 12, and Isabella age 4.  On October 22, 2013 their lives changed forever when Scott entered the emergency room with stomach pain and after a cat scan was told he had cancer.  He was immediately admitted to the hospital and several tests were run and surgery was performed to find the primary source of his cancer.  On November 1, 2013 they received the pathology report back and found he has appendix cancer that has spread to his abdomen. 

Scott did have health insurance but didn't realize until they were faced with this serious health crisis that it was just a mini medical policy so the lifetime limits were extremely low.  Unfortunately, they maxed out their medical insurance within just a few days of his first hospital stay.  He had 2 additional hospital stays during the time they did not have insurance coverage.

Scott lost his battle with cancer on April 3, 2014 leaving behind his wife and three beautiful daughters.  Joy has used the money that was raised up to this point to pay multiple medical bills such as for various specialists, CT scans, labwork and other costs that were not covered by their insurance.  Scott was not able to work after he was diagnosed and Joy had to take some unpaid leave from her job to care for him so some of the money raised was also used to cover their living expenses during that time. 

She is left with the hosptial bill, doctors bills, and home health care that was provided when he required 24 hour IV infusions for about the last 3 months of his life.  She did apply for and was approved for financial aid from the hospital and got a large portion dismissed but as of 11/25/14 she is left with almost $30,000.

She has tried to work out a payment plan with the hospital but they will only set up payments based on the balance being paid in 24 months which makes the payments almost $1,000 a month.  Joy had a successful career as a retail buyer but in Sept 2014 her position was eliminated due to downsizing at the company she worked for and so she is currently looking for employment.  Her unemployment is about 40% of what she was previously making so she does not have the means to pay for these additional bills while taking care of her current living expenses and the cost of raising their 3 daughthers.

This family has experienced enourmous loss in the past 3 years.  Joy's brother, Jon Tumilson, was a Navy SEAL that was killed in action on Aug 6, 2011 when the chinook he was traveling on was shot down while going to the aid of others killing all 30 service members and 1 working dog that were on board.  Scott and Joy worked tiredlessly to honor Jon's memory through a foundation they created in his honor to assist active duty military, veterans and their families in his honor.  They have given so much to others with nothing expected in return and are so appreciative of all the love and support that they have given from so many.

If you would rather mail your donation.  Please send to:
Scott McMeekan
PO Box 238
Andalusia, IL  61232

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