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Scott McMeekan is a 46 year old husband to Joy and father to their three beautiful daughters: Kelsi age 14, Sydney age 11, and Isabella age 3.  On October 22, 2013 their lives changed forever when Scott entered the emergency room with stomach pain and after a cat scan was told he had cancer.  He was immediately admitted to the hospital and several tests were run and surgery was performed to find the primary source of his cancer.  On November 1, 2013 they received the pathology report back and found he has appendix cancer that has spread to his abdomen. 

Scott did have health insurance but it was just a mini medical policy so the lifetime limits were extremely low.  Unfortunately, they maxed out their medical insurance within just a few days of his first hospital stay.  He had 2 additional hospital stays during the time their insurance was maxed so their out of pocket expenses are close to $65,000. He has since gotten insurance so coverage on future care will be covered but they have a $5,000 deductible and co pays that they will encounter. 

Also, Scott is currently not able to work so they are relying on just a single income and Joy has used all her vacation time at work with his multiple hospital stays so any additional time she needs to take to help care for him has to be taken unpaid.

His doctors are saying that his cancer is incurable.  He has battled the unimaginable over the last several months and has a will to live like I have never seen.  He is currenlty undergoing chemo and hoping to get the tumors to shrink enough and be strong enough to be a candidate for HIPEC surgery.  This surgery gives him the best chance medically of beating this beast.

Scott has devoted the last 2+ years running 3 Minutes Out, Inc. in honor of his wife's brother, Jon Tumilson, who was a Navy SEAL that was killed while serving in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.  He wants to beat this not only to continue to be a loving husband and father to his beautiful family but wants to continue to serve to help make a difference in the lives of our active duty military, veterans, and their families. 3 Minutes Out, Inc. sends care packages to our deployed soldiers as well as being in the process of working on other programs to benefit those who are and have served.

If you would rather mail your donation.  Please send to:
Scott McMeekan
PO Box 238
Andalusia, IL  61232

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by Family and Friends of Scott McMeekan
So as you all are probably aware by now, Scott passed away on April 3, 2014.  He faced death with such courage and complete peace because he knew where he was going to spend eternity.  That hope that he had is what is getting Joy and the girls through each day.

Because of the situation with their insurance early on in Scott's fight, Joy is left with an enourmous amound of medical bills that were not covered by insurance.  The amount they are trying to raise has been updated with the actual balance that is left to cover just Scott's medical bills.

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by Family and Friends of Scott McMeekan
So here is the info we got today from the oncologist at the University of Chicago after they reviewed Scott's case with the tumor board.

There are 2 types of appendix cancer.  One that stays in the abdomen and doesn't spread any further.  And another one that spreads beyond the abdomen, usually to the liver or lungs.  They believe Scott's is the type that COULD spread. 

I want to be clear, from what they know, they DO NOT BELIEVE IT HAS SPREAD BEYOND HIS ABDOMEN but it is in one of his lymph nodes which means the potential for it to spread to those organs is there.

So they are recommending 6 months of chemo.  He would be on 3 different chemo drugs.  Two to keep the cancer from spreading and kill any cells that might be "hiding out" somewhere in his body and the other to help shrink the tumors in his abdomen.  He will be able to have the treatment done here in the Quad Cities.  They have had really good results with this treatment so we felt good about our options.

At the end of the 6 months they will do another CT scan to see what has happened with the tumors.  As long as it hasn't spread or new tumors have not developed then we would discuss possibly having the surgery at that point.  Medially speaking, the surgery is still the only way to truly "cure" this type of cancer.  Ultimately we still believe that God can use various ways to cure this whether it be through the use of medicine, nutrition, or his healing hand and are holding on to that promise.  God is bigger than this and we still are trusting in him completely.

Next step is meeting with our oncologist here to discuss the report from the University of Chicago and decide when and how to proceed.  They want to give him a couple more weeks to fully recover from his previous surgery before they would start treatment.

Please pray that God will give us both complete peace in the next week of our next step and how exactly to proceed.

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by Family and Friends of Scott McMeekan
Ok, here is the news we got today...

We met with the surgical oncologist at University of Chicago today and his opinion is that doing surgery now is not the answer. He says because they don't know how long Scott has had this they don't know if it is aggressive or slow growing. He feels based solely on the pathology report that it is aggressive. He recommends doing chemo first and seeing how the tumors respond to treatment. If they grow or spread then they know it is aggressive and he wouldn't be a candidate for the surgery. The surgery he needs is very invasive and the recovery time is long. He is confident he can do the surgery and remove the tumors but if it is an aggressive form then in the time he would recover from the surgery the tumors could potentially grow back. Then they would have put him through all that and he wouldn't be any better off than he is now and the surgery comes with risks that he doesn't want to put him through unless absolutely neccessary. If the tumors stay the same or reduce from the chemo then they know it is slow growing and he would be a candidate for the surgery and they would perform it at that time. Plus the chemo can help the surgery be more successful if it shrinks the tumors.

So our next step...he is presenting Scott's case to the tumor review board at the University of Chicago, a panel of surgical oncologists, oncologists, radiologists, and pathologist, next Tuesday morning. They will all look at his scans and pathology slides, discuss his case to determine the best treatment option and if they agree with his recommendation. We will then meet with the oncologist at the University of Chicago that specializes in this type of cancer next Tuesday afternoon to see what they decided. If they agree then we will get the chemo treatment plan that they decided upon and they will consult with our oncologist back here so he can have the chemo treatment here at home.

Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support. We appreciate it so much and it is what is getting us through.

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by Family and Friends of Scott McMeekan
Here is an update as to where we are with Scott's treatment.

We met with the oncologist at University of Iowa yesterday and we have a treatment plan with a high success rate and one that we feel good about. Scott is apprehensive because it requires more surgery with chemo applied directly to his abdominal cavity and has a long recovery period. Having just come off major abdominal surgery it is fresh in his mind the pain he endured but he still has such a positive outlook and complete trust and faith in God that simply amazes me. He's willing to do whatever it takes but wants to make sure it is the path God wants him to go down.

The bad news is, as I had expected, our insurance being maxed out is causing an issue. We are starting the process for Social Security but there is a 3-5 month waiting period. We don't qualify for Medicare/Medicaid so that is not an option. Because we are Illinois residents we don't qualify for any financial assistance since the treatment would be in Iowa so at this point would have to come up with a down payment before surgery could be performed and pay for the balance out of pocket. 

At this point the U of Iowa surgeon and oncologist are trying to help us find a surgeon that performs this procedure in Illinios. This procedure is not something most surgeons are qualified to perform so takes a specialized surgeon. If they can't find someone in Illinois that does this procedure then they are working on some things on their end. They are also getting us a figure of what the treatment would cost to see if that is even something we could potentially raise through fund raisers. It may be completley out of the question so we are continuing to trust God to provide the answers. 

Here's what we need from all you prayer warriors and faithful family and friends...
1. Prayers that God has not put this road block in our path because U of I is not where he wants Scott to get treatment. Pray God will provide the answers and open doors for us if U of I is where he wants Scott to be and if it's not that he will make it clear to us where to go next.
2. Continue to share the youcaring page to help us raise the funds needed to proceed with treatment.
3. Pray for continued healing and strength. Scott said yesterday he is feeling weak so we need to get his strength up so he can continue to heal from this surgery and get his body strong enough to endure another surgery if that is the path we decide to take.

Thanks so much for all your prayers, love and support. You all have been such a blessing in our lives.
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