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Courageous Christy Needs Our Support

$26,154raised of $150,000 goal

Organizer: Comrades for Christy Beneficiary: Christy T. Sims

Christy Sims, beautiful mother of 2 kids, was severely burned on her face & torso.She has had numerous surgeries & will need more in the near future.Please support Christy as she braves this journey.

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The Undeserved Pain

Christy Tucker Sims, beautiful, devoted and single mother of two children was disfigured by her former boyfriend (not the father of her children) in April 2013 with sulfuric acid. Christy suffered severe 3rd degree burns on her face including her eyes, neck, arms and shoulders.  Since then she has had numerous skin graft surgeries which kept her sedated and intubated for 6 weeks as she recovered.  Her life and the lives of her children and family have drastically changed to say the least. She did not deserve this. 

At the time, Christy had just addressed her graduation announcements for receiving her Masters Degree in Counseling from Mercer University in Atlanta, GA.  Her graduation was 2 weeks away. She was unable to attend. Christy was employed at a non-profit organization where she counseled many people who are struggling with addiction and HIV. Her devotion to helping others is unwavering and steadfast.

Current Situation

Christy has a long journey ahead of her but she is a courageous soul. Through all of the emotional, physical anguish she is determined to get back to her life but mostly to raising her two children.  Christy is being cared for by her loving family but she is unable to work and will need support for the surgeries that she will undergo soon as well as for supporting her kids. 

Love Proceeds

The road to recovery and wellness will be long and arduous but Christy's family and family of friends are dedicated to loving her back to life.  Please help support this woman of God that has been a rock for everyone she loves.  She did not deserve this type of pain. Even through her tears and hurt, she remains amazingly optimistic as she says, "I keep the other side to all of this in my mind and know I will make it so I can help prevent other women from going through this but mostly I want to get back to my children and our happy life together."

Support for Courageous Christy

Please assist Christy and her family by donating what you can to help fund her medical expenses as well as support with daily living as she is unable to work through her healing process. Thank you in advance on behalf of Christy and her family as she braves this journey of rebuilding her life. 

You can donate by using the PayPal account on this site. You can also donate directly to the Justice for Christy Fund at Wells Fargo Bank.  Account #9838809607

Thank you again for your support and light.

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