Courageous Christy Needs Our Support (Christy T. Sims)

Courageous Christy Needs Our Support

For: Christy T. Sims
Organizer: The Christy Sims Foundation
Courageous Christy Needs Our Support (Christy T. Sims)
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Mother-of-two Christy Sims was just two weeks away from receiving her Master’s degree in counseling when she was assaulted by her boyfriend with industrial grade sulfuric acid. She was burned over 20% of her body and nearly died.


Christy spent two months in a coma and has endured multiple reconstructive surgeries. She will require at least an additional $400,000 in surgeries and psychological care. Christy is courageously striving to recapture the life she had worked so hard to build for herself and her children.

While many angels have already donated time and resources to her, she still desperately needs your help. Her facial reconstruction surgeries are incredibly expensive, and, despite being unable to work, she still has two children to support. 

Every little bit helps, and Christy and her family appreciate your generosity. If you would like to learn more about the Christy Sims Foundation, and other ways you can help, please visit 

You can donate by using the PayPal account on this site. You can also donate directly to the Justice for Christy Fund at Wells Fargo Bank.  Account #9838809607

Thank you again for your support and light.


by The Christy Sims Foundation
Thank you to all who have supported Christy so far. For more information about Christy's journey, please visit today. 



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Courageous Christy Needs Our Support

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