Colin's LEGacy for all the other Colin's still to be saved !

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Beneficiary: Colin - The Romanian Dog Whose Front Legs Were Chopped Off Organizer: Claire Louise Revis

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Colin is a sweet 8 year old dog whose two front legs were deliberately cut off in Valcea, Romania. Because of my past experience with severly injured and sick dogs out there I was approached for help by his rescuer and managed to get him to transfered to a vet I work with in Bacau. 

Thanks to the skills of this vet we were able to save enough of his legs to make him a suitable candidate for prosthetics. He travelled to the UK on Friday 11th April and has been at my vets since then undergoing various surgeries to prepare his stumps for his new legs. 

Thanks to to the genourosity of Colins supporters we have managed to cover all his projected costs ... But unfortunately Colin is not an isolated case. There are many more dogs that need our help and I have decided to keep this event running and use it as the fundraising platform for all my rescue work in Romainia. 

I will still post all the updates on Colins progress here, but will also add the other cases I am helping too ...
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