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Christian was injured in a rock climbing fall on August 16th 2013. He was hit by rock fall while ascending the North Chimneys on his way to climb the Diamond in Rocky Mountain National Park. He fell 50-60 feet, hitting numerous body parts along the way. He suffered a fractured C2, a crushed T6T7, a fractured scapula, left skull bone and seven broken ribs. He also has a punctured lung. While he was extremely lucky to come away from this incident not paralyzed and without brain damage, he will be unable to work for a while and has a very long recovery ahead of him.

So far he has had his spine fused from t3-t9 and had a chest tube. He may also undergo surgery to have his neck fused if it does not heal on its own. We'll know more in 10 more weeks.

Christian does not have medical insurance (He was in the process of finding an affordable health insurance option that didn't exclude rock climbing under the adventure sports clause...) and will need follow up care including xrays and physical therepy. St. Anthony's has taken great care of him but we don't want the care to stop now. His current bill is around $400,000, not including follow up care. 

Christian recently bought his first home and has been the main source of income in our family for the last few years. He is a freelance software engineer and was my main second shooter for photography. He obviously won't be working for a while since he can't sit without pain and his neck is in a c-collar. I am doing a paid internship now and am picking up every photography gig I can get but I also need to be available to take care of him.

Prior to the accident, Christian had been very active in the climbing community. He taught a rock climbing course at the University of Pittsburgh for 3 years, donated his time to the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh and has actively introduced others to the sport. He is a very safety conscious, experienced climber. Here is his story from the perspective of one of his past students:

Money donated will be used to cover necessary expenses that we cant currently afford ( house and car payment, any medical equipment he will need at home ) and Christian's medical expenses (medications, physical therapy, follow up care and hospital bills). Thank you so much!

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