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Chris Fried, a Texas Game Warden, was bow hunting on Sunday, December 29th, in the Cooper Wildlife Management Area near Sulphur Springs. During his hunt he observed suspicious activity.  Thinking someone might be illegally hunting on the state property, Chris’ law enforcement training kicked in and he left his stand to investigate.

Moments later he was struck in the chest by a large caliber bullet.  He yelled for help, but no one came to his aid.  Chris was able to use his cell phone to call for help and was located over an hour later.  He was initially transported to Hopkins County Memorial Hospital, then to Parkland Hospital in Dallas to undergo surgery.  He is now recovering with the support of his wife, Jamie. 

Your continuous prayers, support, and encouragement are vital to his full recovery.  Donations to assist Chris and Jamie with medical bills and other expenses would be greatly appreciated.


by Emily Jones

Update for 2/4/14 by Jamie Fried:

Hi everyone!! Chris had physical therapy today.  He did really good!  Not a lot of pain today, thank goodness.  He just had problems with his left arm/ hand and some muscle memory issues/ numbness and tingling.  With time they think he will be back to normal it just takes time.  We go back to the doctor on Feb. 17 to see about his next surgery.  I will update as soon as we hear something about that.  He is eating good and sleeping good.  Feeling better each day! Still having issues getting his blood thin enough so I have to still give him Lovenox shots in the abdomen.  He hates them and I hate giving them to him just as bad.  His doctors have been amazing and we are so thankful for them all!!  Thank you for all the prayers!!! 

by Emily Jones

Update for 1/30/14 by Jamie Fried:

Just saw the trauma team
The chest X-ray looked awesome a tiny bit of fluid but not much. The Dr. said he didn't even believe it was Chris' x ray it had improved so much.
The Dr. was really happy with his progress.
Now just have to follow up with vascular for the bypass surgery in Feb. and will probably have that surgery in March.
Thank you all for the prayers !! They are working miracles ! Love you all !! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

by Emily Jones
Update for 1/28/14 by Jamie Fried:

Hi everyone!! Chris is getting a little stronger everyday!  He is eating much better and walking more also.  We go to the doctor at Parkland Thursday for a follow up with the Trauma Clinic.  We will get an X-Ray done to look at his lung and also discuss his next 2 surgeries.  He had physical therapy yesterday and woke up really sore this morning and they barely did any exeecoses on his left arm but it's very sore today and he had to take a pain pill.  We are still having trouble getting his labs therapeutic and he is still having to take Lovenox shots in his abdomen 2 times a day!  He hates this and I hate giving them to him as well.  He says he can actually breathe better.  Keep praying for his left lung to heal.  He is sleeping a little better at night with no problems breathing.  Keep him in your daily thoughts and prayers he still has a very long road ahead!  Love you all! 

by Emily Jones

Update for 1/23/14 by Jamie Fried:

Doing better a little each day!

He has had a sore throat the last few days, we went to the doctor and they started him on antibiotics.  He coughed all night so we are zombies today!  I see a nap in our future.  He feels good today (besides the sore throat).  He has more of an appetite now.  Eating more a little each day!  He lost over 10 lbs and for those who know him well he didn't have that to lose.  Trying to fatten him up with protein shakes and bars!  We have 2 doctors appointments next week at Parkland.

Thank you all for the prayers and sweet cards and good.  We appreciate everything you all have done for us!  Keep praying!!!

by Emily Jones
Update for 1/16/14 by Jamie Fried:

We are coming home today!!! Very happy about this!!! Can't wait! Keep the prayers coming for the left lung to heal as well as his cold! Please pray the blood clot resolves as well. 

by Emily Jones

If you are making a donation to Chris and Jamie using PayPal, please designate your payments as a DONATION and not for goods or services.  If you designate it as a donation, the FULL portion donated will go directly to Chris and Jamie.  If you select goods or services, PayPal keeps a small portion as a fee for the transaction.  Please spread the word!

We appreciate your prayers and donations! 

Update on 1/15/14 by Jamie Fried:

Trauma just came surgery on his lung at this time.  They are going to watch his lungs closely. We will follow up next week.  They are checking another chest x-ray, doing a flu swab and starting his Coumadin today.  We might be going home tomorrow.  Please pray specifically for his left lung to heal. 

by Emily Jones
Continue to keep Chris and Jamie in your prayers daily!

Update for 1/14/14 by Jamie Fried:

Waiting to hear from thoracic md on his lung progress.

They have discussed surgery a few times on his lung and really haven't made a definite decision but are waiting to see if it improves in his own. That Dr. is in surgery right now and will be in later.

Also, he doesn't feel good today, nausea/achy/no appetite.  Hoping he's not coming down with something else.

That's all I know right now.  Hopefully everything will be okay.

by Emily Jones

Update for 1/13/14 by Jamie

Today Chris felt well.  Had a chest x-ray. Still on blood thinners for the clot.  Breathing better.  Tomorrow he will have another scan on his legs/arm to look for more clots.  Still watching to check on the fluid in his lungs.  Surgery will be planned for Feb/March for bypass surgery for the stent in his left arm to replace it.  They will have to take a vessel from his leg and put it where the artery in his arm was ruptured.  They want him to heal before another major surgery. I will update again tomorrow! Keep praying!

by Emily Jones
Please continue to keep Chris and Jamie in your prayers!!

Update by Jamie Fried on 1/11/14: 

Not the news we wanted. Chris will be admitted back to trauma ICU he has a pulmonary embolism ( blood clot) in his lung. We will be here for a few days. The doctors are very happy we came in today. Gods watching over him !!!!!

Update by Jamie Fried on 1/11/14:

Back at Parkland ER this morning . Chris was very short of breath when he woke up. The doctor wanted us to come in for chest xRays and a CT scan! Please pray it is nothing serious.

by Emily Jones

Update by Jamie Fried on 1/12/14:


Chris was moved to trauma room 523.  He is feeling good today no shortness of breath.  No surgery planned today so far.  Waiting to hear from one more team (the trauma cardiovascular team) before a definite plan is made about surgery for his lung.  He is on blood thinners and will probably have to be on them for 6 months.  He will also be on aspirin for the rest of his life because of his stent in his arm.  Continue to pray.  Feeling blessed.  So glad we found this early!

by Emily Jones

Update for Monday 1/6/14 by Jamie Fried:

Thank you to everyone that made this happen ! Really meant a lot to us ! A great welcome home !!!


Update for Monday 1/6/14 by Jamie Fried:

Double thumbs up today ! We are doing home !!!!!!!!

by Emily Jones

Update for Sunday 1/5/14 by Jamie Fried:

He is doing better than yesterday ! Improving daily !
He just got his last chest tube out !! No more chest tubes! He also is doing great with pain control. His lungs are healing daily. 
Keep them prayers coming ! We love you all ! I'll update as new things happen ! 
Fixing to give him a bath now and get him all spiffied up ! 

Update for Saturday 1/4/14 by Jamie Fried:

He walked again with therapy and did well. He is eating good ! He got one chest tube out yesterday. 2 more to go !! He is resting now. Very tired still and on a lot of pain medication. Still has the upper lobe pneumothorax they are watching closely. It is improving a tiny bit each day. Please continue to pray. It is working miracles ! He is a miracle! Love you all! Love reading all the sweet comments ! We are blessed to know each one of you !

Update for 1/3/14 Friday by Jamie Fried:  

Look who is walking for the first time. He is up with physical therapy this morning. His lung is slightly improved, they are still monitoring very closely. He still has 3 best tubes. He is feeling better each day. The prayers are working daily! We love you all!

by Emily Jones
We are now accepting donations!!

Please share with family and friends and continue to support Jamie and Chris Fried during his recovery! 

by Emily Jones
Update on 12/31 by Jamie Fried:

Last night Chris was extubated he did well. 
Today they placed another chest tube, he has 3 now. 
He is able to talk a little and is very tired. He is alert and asking normal questions. 
Please keep praying we have a very long road ahead. 
All of the doctors are pleased, all 30 of them have seen him this morning. I will update again today. 
Please keep praying
Thank you again for each text and post. They mean the world to us.

Update on 12/31 by Jamie Fried:

He is doing better, still having issues with a collapsed lung. He is very tough, and very blessed to be alive today. Thank you all for all the kinds words. I am reading them when he naps. Otherwise I am playing ICU nurse. Please continue to pray. I will update after MD rounding in the morning. Love you all!

Update on 1/1/14 by Jamie Fried:

Chris is awake and talking, he still has a pneumothorax and still has 3 chest tubes. He still has a lot of pain but he is getting good pain medications. He will be put on a bipap machine today to help him breathe and expand his lungs and help his lungs. He is in good spirits. He is still having numbness with his left arm. But the vascular surgeons are ok with that and hopefully it will improve with time. The doctors are very pleased with his progress. I will keep updating as I can. Very busy being his nurse too  I am reading all the sweet text and messages. They are all very uplifting and I am reading them all when he naps. Love you all. Thank you . Please continue to pray.

Update on 1/1/14 by Jamie Fried:

Still trying to get his lung to reinflate. He is feeling a little better today. In good spirits. Very thankful to be alive today. Thank you all for the prayers. Please keep them coming they are working. 
I will update again tonight or tomorrow am.



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