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Catch Me As I Fall

$1,180raised of $3,000 goal

Organizer: Sasha Saco Beneficiary: Sasha Saco

I fell 4 stories & survived! A walking miracle! I am blessed with life, however, I am not so blessed regarding insurance. Please be a friend and help me raise money for my medical/dental expenses.

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My name is Sasha Saco and I am 25 years old. On July 22, 2013 I embarked on a 10-day Jewish birthright trip to Israel. I decided to extend my trip longer than the ten days to visit my Israeli friends. On August 18, 2013 I locked myself out of my friend's apartment. I would have had to wait hours for a key and the window was open so I decided to be a hero and scale the building in order to access the apartment. As I reached for the fourth window, a part of the ledge was not able to support my weight so it snapped and I fell 4 stories, landing on the dirt ground below me.  Immediately after I fell, I was able to get up and notice that I had broken both hands and my chin was bleeding from a fairly large laceration, but I did not have a concussion. I tried to stand in fear of injury to my back and legs. I was successful in standing, realizing that there was not even any soreness to my legs or my back. This was wonderful since I am a professionally trained dancer. While in shock and thanking God, I noticed that I was a foot away from landing on a cement block that stuck out of the ground. I couldn't believe what had happened to me and it was my entire fault. A neighbor who heard the fall called the ambulance and I was rushed to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. In the emergency room they discovered that my only injuries were a broken left hand, a broken right wrist, a large laceration on my chin and a laceration on my liver. The next day my doctor noticed my stomach enlarged with air and performed an exploratory laparotomy, to which he found a hole in my small intestine. If this surgery was not performed immediately, I would have lost my life. On August 27, I had surgery on my right wrist and left hand. My left hand had two fractures, with nearly every bone broken, due to the fact that most of my weight landed on this hand when I fell. The surgery was very complicated, using all three of the department's orthopedic surgeons, and they had to place k-wires in my hand for support for the following two months. At the end of October 2013, I need another surgery to take the wires out of my hand followed by physical therapy for 6-8 months.

Many people (including myself) believe that I was caught by angels as I was falling. It just doesn't make sense that I fell that far and survived...

While I am both lucky and extremely blessed to be alive and walking, I am burdened with many medical bills. I did not have insurance at the time of my accident in Israel and I do not have health insurance in the States. I found out later that I had cracked six of my teeth, and I do not have dental insurance either! Talk about an emotional fall. I was ecstatic to be alive but then became depressed thinking about all of this financial debt. I am simply asking for your help...just a few dollars so that I can continue living my life safely. I know that life is precious and I am so very thankful to be alive. For the rest of my life I will do nothing but make the best of it. I hope that you will also do the same.

So, like the angels, will you catch me as I fall?

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by Sasha Saco
I just found out today that my surgery will cost me $3,000 and I need the full amount at the time of the surgery which is on October 28... They do not accept payment plans and charity care does not apply. Please help!!!!
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by Sasha Saco
2 Root canals - $1,700
Other dental work - $500
Cast on left hand - $800
Surgery on left hand - $2,000 (at least)

I need more than $5,000 and I am not working with no insurance.
Plus, my general monthly bills are $2,000.

Please help a girl out by donating to my page...

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