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Caring for Tiffany

$440raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Lynn Maples Beneficiary: Linda Maples (Lynn)

Funds will be used for any of Tiffany's needs not provided by insurance as well as funding for travel expenses and housing for family members caring for Tiffany due to 5 hour drive one way.

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On August 13,2013 my 24 year old daughter was injured in a car accident and was rushed to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury.  After two weeks in the ICU she was finally put in a room and 5 days later accepted by The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Tiffany is an LPN and is married with one 3 year old son and two stepchildren 9 and 10. Her husband and I rotate weeks being with her during her rehabilitation but we both also live 5 hours away.   She is doing well but we have a long journey ahead. I know God has a plan for her and is working it out in His timing. Please join u in this journey with your prayers and financial contributions. Thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity. God Bless!!!
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by Lynn Maples
Tiffany is doing so great! Peg tube will be coming out tommorrow :0) yaaa!! She is eating great and now is able to let us know she needs to use the restroom. We transition to the apartment Thursday December 5th!!! She will be there with Larry and I and we will take here to rehab at Pathways each day Mon-Fri. The weekends we can do whatever we want!! Including taking her home to see family and friends. Truly Blessed beyond measure!!

by Lynn Maples
Tiffany is doing so great!! Working well with therapy and eating good. We are so very blessed!! She is talking all of the time now and remembers so many things:0) Even the words to the Grinch song:0) My God is Awesome!!!

by Lynn Maples
Beginning this past Monday October 28th the doctor, nurses and therapists wanted to work with Tiffany on a one on one basis with no family there so Larry and I are both home working and keeping in touch with Shepherd Center on her progress. She had the feeding tube replaced yesterday due to the fact that she's not eating. On a positive note she is taking her meds by mouth now. Please be praying that her behavior improves soon so we can start on outpatient therapy and move closer to a Welcome home date.

by Lynn Maples
Day #69 of our journey caring for Tiffany was pretty good. She started the day off helping bathe herself in the shower as well as helping dress herself. Tiffany still has a feeding tube primarily used for her meds but today she swallowed each pill on her own so hopefully tube will be out soon. She is still behavioral but better today than yesterday. Did great for therapy today. We are truly blessed!!!





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