Care For Coni

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Beneficiary: Coni Wein Organizer: Justin Kent

My wonderful and beautiful mom Coni was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer on January 25th, 2013. She since has completed one full chemo treatment, and numerous rounds of a second, in addition to  several surgeries. She has certainly had a battle to fight with this disease, which has caused a great deal of physical and emotion stress on her and her close friends and family, not to mention a serious infection that alone nearly cost her her life. Without having anything in savings, or a current income from being unable to work, with significant medical costs, that are amounted to tens of thousands, prior to medical coverage, there is no other source to pay these debts. Please do what you can to help her out with these expenses, and help lighten the her finanical burden, and the uncertainty and stress this has caused, with not having any finacial help to turn to. Prayers are important, but so also are your monetary donations right now, to help with this fight! Thank you!!
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