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Care For Coni

$580raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Justin Kent Beneficiary: Coni Wein

A fundraiser for a very special mother and grandmother, to help her with medical costs through a battle with late stage ovarian cancer.

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My wonderful and beautiful mom Coni was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer on January 25th, 2013. She started chemotherapy treatment soon thereafter, and has since completed 4 rounds. She also had a major surgery to remove the mass and other cancerous and affected tissues. She has certainly had a battle to fight with this disease, which has caused a great deal of physical and emotion anguish, not to mention a serious infection that alone nearly cost her her life. Without having anything in savings, a current income from being unable to work, and decent medical coverage, my mother has had to rely on the state to cover these expenses. Unfortunately, many of her bills remain outstanding, and many of those are not covered. Anything that you could spare to help her through this very trying and stressful period in her life would be more than greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much.
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by Justin Kent
It has been a little better than two weeks since mom's 8th and final chemo cycle. Her last tumor marker count number came in at a fantastic 5.2 (well into the normal "remission" levels)! That number started out at nearly 1600, before her first chemo cycles. She has had some issues with low blood counts, and consequently has had to receive several transfusions to get her red cells back up to where they need to be. She's been feeling better and regaining energy, since her last transfusion 2 days ago. Thank you to everyone who's given. 

by Justin Kent
Chemo round 6 is complete! The doctor is confident that the cancer will be in full remission after the 8th treatment, by the end of August. 

by Justin Kent
Mom as of this posting is 2 hours in to her 6th round of chemotherapy. She had an exam today with Dr. Peters, and was informed that she will be needing the last two rounds of chemo treatment with the combined taxol/carboplatin drugs. Sometime between now and the end of treatment, she will have another CT scan to see where she stands. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, and if there is anything additional that you can contribute to her fund, I know she would be very grateful. 

by Justin Kent
Mom completed round 5 of her chemo treatments yesterday (6/18). 





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