Can You Be Our Miracle? Please Help Us Save Khamit's Vision

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Beneficiary: Khamit Byrd Organizer: Sashanna Brown , Imhotep Gary Byrd, Friends & Family

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I believe God lives in the minds and hearts of all people, and acts through those special people, who are open enough to feel his spirit move them as their own. Sometimes in times of crisis we look for GOD to create a supernatural miracle on the outside in something that defies physics or natural law, but I believe the greatest magic occurs when GOD doesn't manifest a miracle ,as such, but leaves a void, a void which is an opportunity, an opportunity in which lies a moment, a moment  that if one chooses, can allow the spirit of God to actually create a miracle through them in an act of kindness and compassion for a stranger in their time of need.
This is to me, one of the greatest wonders when GOD is calling us not only to CREATE A MIRACLE for another... but to BE A MIRACLE to another.

Khamit Byrd

Khamit is an Artist, Musician, Humanitarian, and an inspiring Writer 
Whose dream is to overcome his challenges and reach his highest GOD given potential and through his music, art, writing and motivational speaking to bring inspiration to others through his example. When Khamit was 12 (now 26), he was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes something which was devastating at the time. Since then he has struggled daily to control fluctuating blood sugars and battled the constant high and low blood glucose levels and complications associated with Juvenile Diabetes.

2 years ago , Khamit was diagnosed with Macular Edema and Vascular Disease, He was treated with a drug called Avastin NOT approved by the FDA which is now being linked to numerous complications such as increased chance of stroke and in some cases blindness. 
Diabetic macular edema (DME) is the leading cause of blindness in young adults in developed countries. Macular Edema a complication of Type 1 Diabetes, develops when blood vessels in the retina are leaking fluids. The macula does not function properly when it is swollen, vision loss and blindness often occurs. This is also occurring in the body and increases the chance of stroke and other complications. Khamit was given a drug called Avastin to treat this condition by a licensed Opthamologist, who did not specify this drugs unapproved FDA status or say it had any potentially harmful side effects, even when asked he said it was perfectly safe with no side effects. Khamit has dealt with this exceptionally well, with a smile and positive mindset most of the time but has now reached a critical juncture in which he will lose his vision and be a candidate for numerous complications such as stroke if we don’t do something to intervene. Please we don’t know what else to do and we need your help.

There is Hope in the distance....
 Dr. Omar Gonzalez of the Integra Medical Center in Mexico. Due to recent innovations in the field of medicine there have been many progressive therapies coming to the surface in the treatment of DME and diabetes related complications. One of the most promising is Placenta Stem Cell Therapy. This is NOT the same as controversial Embryonic stem cells, these are Ethically Non-Controversial Stem Cells that are obtained from the Placenta. Placenta Stem cells have shown much promise in their ability to reverse diabetic complications and even diabetes itself. But this procedure is very expensive and we need your help to get Khamit to Mexico, where he can receive this innovative therapy as well as a 12 week post treatment at a holistic health center,which is world renown for helping to heal and in some cases reverse both Juvenile Diabetes and blindness. Here’s what your help will go towards...

  • 2 treatments of Stem Cell Transplant at the Integra Medical Center.


  • 12 weeks post treatment at The Usha Village Holistic Health Center. 


  •  Airfare & transportation to and from centers. 

Please help us to save the person who has meant so much to us. 
Here are some words about Khamit from friends and family.

Khamit is a brilliant light, that shines brightly in my life. His compassion and love for others is amazing. He understands love and being loved which is a special gift. His awareness of truth and oneness deeply affects everyone around him.

Ptahnubia Byrd
Spiritual Life Coach  

I feel Khamit as a special gift from the Most High, his natural spiritual connection and dedication to higher consciousness has given him a love and light of compassion, sensitivity, courage and strong character which all who meet him can see and feels.

Imhotep Gary Byrd 
Radio Broadcaster | Poet & Songwriter

Khamit is one of the most loving, caring, considerate, dedicated, patient, kind and compassionate people I've ever met. This world is blessed to possess a soul like his ....Before I met him my life was in chaos. He has truly changed my LIFE.

Sashanna Brown
Hospice Aid Technician and Caretaker
for Terminally Ill Patients

Khamit is a role model for many - generous, gracious and wise beyond his years he never fails to uplift and inspire the people he encounters. It is rare and magical to meet someone with such gifts and desire to help transform the lives of others. The world needs him and I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life.

Anne-Marie Van Dijk
International Model

Khamit has been like a brother to me and he's always had my back through thick and thin. He's always encouraged me to be the best I could be.  He's one of my best friends and has been so over the years if anyone deserves help it's him.

Elvis Vilme 
Master-Sensei of The 6th Degree
Bedstuy Karate DO 

Some words from Khamit
I don't know what God's will is for me, but if His will is to see me out of this, I have faith that I will come out. I feel I have so much good in me to bring to this world and to people I just need the chance to. Right now I just need help, right now I just need my brothers and sisters in God to be my miracle.
You have no idea how much it means to me to receive any help. The gratitude that I feel for knowing someone put this page up for me and that you're reading my words with concern for my welfare is deeply touching and whether it's a prayer, a donation or a well wishing thought, I deeply thank you, and really can't express how much I truly appreciate it.

Please Help Us to save Khamit's eyesight 
From the friends & family of Khamit Byrd

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support ! 

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