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Our son Calvin is 4 years old, he was diagnosed with Doose Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, about a year ago. Previously, he was a typical child who went to preschool, ran and played with his sister and never worried about having seizures. Around his 3rd birthday he began to have what looked like balance issues (Drop Seizures). We had no idea what to think of it so we went to our PCP who assured us that 3 year old children fall down. Finally, after much persistence (getting his teacher to write a letter saying that he falls down more than other kids his age,making a video of him falling down while sitting, seeing an orthopedic specialist, and having an MRI done to rule out possible brain tumors) we were finally referred to a Neurologist and an EEG picked up on the seizures. That being said... Calvin's seizures have continued to increase in quantity and length. At first, he had one a week and now we are up to about 8 an hour. Calvin has tried numerous medications, none of which are successful all they seem to do is make him tired and loopy. He is also on the Ketogenic Diet, a diet that restricts his carbohydrate intake and involves us measuring and weighing everything he eats,which has helped some, but not nearly as much as we had hoped. Due to the ramifications of this terrible disease Calvin can no longer walk, play on his own, attend his regular preschool or keep up with friends his own age. Despite his limitations, he has not lost his will to fight. Calvin has an infectious personality and wonderful spirit. This dog would not only provide an extra pair of eyes, and support during a seizure he would be a best friend for our tough, courageous, silly little boy. Please consider donating to this special cause that will pay for securing the dog, having it trained and travel expense related to getting calvin's best friend! You can donate directly at NATIONAL BANK OF ARIZONA by mentioning the name CALVIN BOSICK!
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