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This past July while Caitlin was showering she discovered two tiny bumps on her skin and she quickly realized that they were ticks that were buried under her skin. A week later Caitlin came down with flu like symptoms and so her doctor gave her 4 weeks worth of antibiotics. While taking the antibiotics Caitlin felt a little bit better however as soon as the course was complete all of her symptoms came back and were worse. One day while driving her vision became blurry and she felt disoriented and that is when she knew something was seriously wrong.

To make a long story short, Caitlin went to multiple doctors and ended up having to go out of state to PA to get a proper Lyme test and more antibiotics. Unfortunately this time Caitlin did not get any relief from the antibiotics and continued to experience more symptoms. Caitlin remained positive and started searching for alternative ways to treat Lyme Disease and tried things that others with Lyme recommended. However, these natural remedies did not provide any relief either.

Caitlin now suffers from Late Stage/Chronic Lyme Disease which means it is affecting her neurologically (short term memory loss, muscle twitching, numbness in her feet, severe headaches, blurry vision, etc.). Once the Lyme bacteria penetrate into the brain it is more difficult to treat.

Caitlin continued to keep her faith and continued to search for answers and then discovered a doctor in FL that successful treats patients with Late Stage Lyme Disease. This doctor, Dr. Crozier restores the body by focusing on getting toxins out and nutrients in. His treatment is focused on enhancing the natural kill power of the Lyme patient’s immune system, by first enhancing the patient’s Brain Function, and then, enhancing the functional activity of every other system in the body. When a patient with Lyme Disease is not recovering like a typically person would, there is always other things that play into the picture. For example, some patients that are not getting well also suffer from co-infections, mold exposure, and have a genetic mutation. Having the genetic mutation means their body is unable to detoxify from the neurotoxins that Lyme produce and their bodies are unable to produce antibodies for their body to fight off the infection.

For Caitlin to get proper treatment requires her to live in Florida during treatment which will be about 6-8 weeks. While she does have health insurance, it doesn’t cover her treatment (Dr Crozier is an “Out of Network” provider and Health Insurance Company’s typically only cover 4 weeks of antibiotics), also a mold free hotel to stay at, and all the medications and supplements she will need to get better. The last 6 months Caitlin has not been well enough to work so bills have begun to pile up.

We, her family, are asking for your help. Please help us raise $15,000 so she can be healed and we can have the Caitlin that we all love back!

Thank you all for your support

God bless,

The McWilliams Family 



by Tom McWilliams
Caitlin has completed 4 weeks of treatment and is going into her 5th week. 
She is having more and more good days with feeling better.
Her doctor said she is making progress however will need a few additioal weeks of treatment.
Originally treatment was going to be a total of 6 weeks but now we are planning for a total of 9.
We are so grateful to see Caitlin improving!!!! 
Thank you again for all the support!
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by Tom McWilliams
Today is day 9 of Caitlin's treatment.
 Week days she is receiving IV's and pushes ( "the push" the doctor inserts a needle or plastic tube into your vein on your arm and with a super large syringe pushes the liquid into your blood stream. The doctor can control the amount you receive and watch for Excess pain or reactions)

Caitlin has had some good days where she felt better and some days feeling sick with detox symptoms.
One day last week she had a reaction to one of the pushes and went into
Convulsions.  Very scary !!!!!but she s ok.
Caitlin says thank you to all who have supported her and who are sending 
Prayers and kind thoughts.
Caitlin has met others who are being treated for Lyme. 
Some have been sick for years and have spent everything they have and have a huge debt.
It is crazy the treatment covered by insurance for Lyme is only
4weeks of antibiotic.

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by Tom McWilliams
Caitlin started her treatment with doctor Crozier on Tuesday. He reviewed her results from the 19 tubes of blood she had drawn in NYS. He immediately started IV's to get her immune system going.
Doctor Crozier ordered more blood tests.
Caitlin received IV's every day this week and has started new supplements. 
So far this week $3,174 dr visit and IVs. $7,163 in blood work and labs and $595 for her home to be tested for mold which came back positive. 
$10,932 week one not including airfare, food and hotel.
5 weeks minimum to go.....

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