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Great news! Dave will be receiving his bone marrow transplant today!

The transplant, which is administered intravenously and is no more invasive than a blood transfusion, requires 4 days of high dose chemotherapy, at least one month of recovery in the hospital, and then a full year at home, the first three months of which will require weekly hospital appointments.

Over the course of the year, Dave will be extremely susceptible to infection while his body learns to get used to a brand new immune system. He will need to redo all his childhood vaccinations, and remain in general isolation at home for at least the first 100 days. After that, (and with the help of a slew of expensive medications,) he'll be able to slowly reintroduce normal every-day activities, but we will have to stay off the road until he's fully recovered. 

You all have been nothing short of absolutely amazing these past few months. We are still so entirely overwhelmed by the amount of support you've all shown us. After all you've done it's hard to ask you for more, we are. 

This experience has been, and still is, a long and scary challenge, but having you all behind us has made it doable. Thank you so much for sharing your own stories of survival and love, your well-wishes and your gifts. We couldn't do this without you.

Please keep in touch with us through our facebook, website or here for updates on Dave's recovery (and eventually some fun Brown Bird related treats). 

Feel free to visit our old fundraiser for background information on our situation.

Many thanks and much love,

MorganEve and Dave




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