Bring Weston Home (and Help Him Heal)

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Beneficiary: Weston Noble Organizer: Weston Noble Alumni Choir

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November 13, 2013
We are delighted to report Weston continues to make excellent progress in his recovery and rehabilitation, now back in his own home in Decorah.  We are almost as delighted to reported we can adjust our fundraising goal, based on receipt of more information and, thankfully, lower costs than earlier expected. We still await details about insurance reimbursement, but feel confident our new goal of $15,000 comes much closer to the eventual out-of-pocket costs of Weston's transport home from Korea and associated expenses.

Weston has been deeply moved by the generosity of our "extended family" in this endeavor. All of us on the WNAC board are so grateful for the response to this appeal.  For whatever you have done or can do now - dollar contributions, prayers, good thoughts and well wishes - we thank you.

WNAC Board of Directors

October 15, 2013
Thanks to all for your many generous contributions to the Bring Weston Home fund. At this writing, we have almost reached the costs of air fare for Weston and his escorts from South Korea to the United States. We continue to raise funds to cover the medical transport to and from airports and Weston's care while in Seoul. Many of these expenses were charged to credit cards, and those bills are now arriving.

We still don't know exactly what insurance will reimburse or on what timetable, and many of these expenses fall outside the scope of insurance.  So our stated goal remains $50,000 until we have more clarity on the eventual totals. 

Please spread the word (and this link: to those you know who may be interested in aiding this effort.

Weston is making remarkable progress in rehabilitation at the Eastern Star Home in Decorah. We thank you for all your prayers, good thoughts, and many kind gestures to speed his healing. 

Update: October 7, 2013
Luther College Professor of Music Emeritus Weston Noble was hospitalized in Korea in early September, recovering from injuries suffered in a fall while in Seoul for a conducting engagement. After five weeks of splendid progress, Weston has returned to the United States, is back in Decorah, IA, and he needs our help.

The expenses of medical care and transport home to Iowa from Korea are daunting and still being determined. The Weston Noble Alumni Choir (WNAC) is leading fundraising, working closely with Weston's family and advisors. (For more information on WNAC, like us on Facebook or see our website,

We began with estimated costs approaching six figures, based on the very high costs of specialized medical transport from Korea, but Weston's recovery so far allowed him and his escorts to travel on regular airline tickets.  So our current goal is in the neighborhood of $50,000. We hope to cover costs of the hospital in Korea and transportation from Seoul to Decorah. These expenses have already been incurred and money we raise with this campaign will pay those bills. We expect to put any funds received beyond those expenses towards Weston's support in facilities (for example, hospital and/or rehabilitation center) in Decorah before he can return to his home.

We recognize that $50,000 is still a very significant goal, which means every contribution of every size is important to meeting it. Although we are a non-profit organization, we are not a 501c3 charity, so your contributions to this fund are not tax deductible. Nevertheless, we hope you can be generous in helping to defray these extraordinary expenses.

You may contribute in any of three ways:
  • Online here at our YouCaring site
  • By writing a check to "Weston Noble Alumni Choir-Bring Weston Home" and mailing to Weston Noble Alumni Choir, PO Box 5271, Madison, WI 53705-5271
  • By stopping at any Wells Fargo Bank branch in the United States and making a deposit to the "Weston Noble Alumni Choir - Bring Weston Home" fund.
Please check here often (and/or at and Facebook) for updates and the final report of the campaign after December 1. If you would like to receive the final report by postal mail, please send your address to us at

We have been so encouraged by the outpouring of support for Weston in his recovery so far. We thank you for your contributions, be they dollars, information, goodwill, or prayers.

And Weston would want us to cap this message with the Luther College motto -
                                          Soli Deo Gloria! 

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