Brett Bouchard Recovery Fund

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Beneficiary: Brett Bouchard Organizer: Brett Bouchards Family

On April 24, 2014 Brett suffered a tragic accident at work in which his right arm was completely severed below the elbow. 

It is now April 27 and Brett has been through alot in these few days.  Brett was flown to Massachussetts General Hospital in Boston from his home town of Massena, New York.  In an approximately 12.5 hour surgery the team managed to reattach Bretts arm and get circulation back by using veins and arteries from his right leg.  The nerves and tendons will need to be reattached at another time.  The surgeons say there is a 30 percent chance that he could still lose circulation in the arm and at that point it would have to be amputated again.  At this time Brett has been kept asleep on a ventilator to give the new veins and arteries a chance to heal.  Any movement could disrupt the flow of blood.  He is on a blood thinner to keep any clots from forming and occluding flow but this also presents the problem of constant blood loss from the operative leg and arm so he has had multiple blood transfusions.  Per the surgeons at this time the circulation to his arm is literally minute by minute.  If the reattachment is successful, Brett is looking at multiple reconstructive surgerys (to reattach nerves, tendons and skin grafting) and therapy over several years.  If it is not successful he is still looking at multiple surgerys for other reasons.  

Now about Brett!  Brett is a much loved member of our family, as they say "to know him is to love him!".  He is 17 years old and this was to be his graduation year.  Brett has been an active outdoorsy boy his whole life.  He loves snowboarding, snow mobiling, motorcycling, four wheeling and being at camp.  Fishing, hunting, archery.  He is all BOY!  He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Tawnee, his best friends Nic and Cohan, his family and his beloved dog Kane.  He is kind, compassionate, hard working and reliable and he will make you laugh!  He is a son that anyone would be proud of.  
We are asking for prayers for a complete healing mentally and physically for Brett.  All donations will be used for any costs, debts associated with Bretts care and to assist his parents to be able to be by his side.   
As I am writing I just recieved an update.  Brett will be going back in the operating room tomorrow to attempt nerve and tendon reattachment if all stays stable.  The surgeons are hoping that the nerves are in good enough condition to at least do three tomorrow. 

If you would like to send a donation instead of using this site it may be mailed to:

Brett Bouchard in c/o 
Bobbi Jo Lauber
3129 County Route 49
Norfolk, NY 13667

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