Billie Holiday: A Mother's Love

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Beneficiary: Mid Hudson Animal Aid Cat Sanctuary Organizer: Mid Hudson Animal Aid Cat Sanctuary

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Billie Holiday was badly injured and covered in blood when she was recently brought to MHAA. It was determined that she had been viciously attacked by an animal whose teeth inflicted many puncture wounds all over her body.  She was on hospital watch as her temperature spiked as a result of brain swelling. Today she is on the road to recovery and is a very sweet and grateful cat. During her exam, it was discovered that she was a nursing mom and an extensive search was conducted for her babies. No kittens were found and it is hoped they have been taken in and are safe. Billie most likely risked her life to protect her kittens. She is the epitome of a selfless and loving mother. Although the last week has seen Billie singing the blues, your donation will offset her medical expenses and help her heal.

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