Ben Gulizia Cowing's Leukemia Fight

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Team Ben is participating in the BE THE MATCH walk on April 12th! We're raising money for Be the Match, a non-profit organization that helps to find bone marrow matches for those in need of a transplant.  Go to this web page link for more information!!

My 14 year-old nephew, Ben, is battling leukemia. He’s a very intelligent 8th grader, loves baseball, and was actually looking forward to taking Honors Geometry this fall. He’s very pragmatic so the science of leukemia was fascinating to him at first.  Now, he’s just too sick and even with tutors visiting, it’s hard for him to sustain his usual love of learning.

Medical bills are starting to pile up and they need help to pay them all. Please give what you can. Any amount is appreciated. Whatever you can do to help is great. Whatever we don't need for his bills, we will donate it to leukemia causes.

Ben recently went into remission but he has undergone many, many rounds of chemotherapy, and will likely continue chemo treatments for another 3 years. 95% of kids go into remission after the 1st round with his sub-type of leukemia, so he’s in a very high-risk category in terms of the cancer returning. We will continue to look for a bone marrow donor match for him in case he needs an emergency bone marrow transplant in the future.   

Go to for information on how to become a bone marrow donor or email me at  Finding a match is crucial and we need to have one "in the pocket" so to speak!

My brother Danny (Ben's father) wrote the below about Ben's remission news: "Thanks to all! Now I have to go to Ben's school and ask them to cut him a little slack. It is our dream/desire/hope to see him on the graduation stage with the rest of his 8th grade class this June. Needless to say, when he got the news yesterday, his motivation increased 1000% to do his schoolwork. His cheeks became rosy too. Mind over matter is so important, just can't state that enough."

Mary Ann is a flight attendant and Danyn is looking for work. Mary Ann is working as much as she can, considering the circumstances, in order to keep up with bills. Needless to say, she'd rather be with Ben. Please know that all donations can be made private without your name listed.

Mary Ann wrote this on their caring bridge site:
"Hi to all -- this is Mary Ann, Ben's Mom. Ben's been having some minor health issues during the spring and summer -- mostly muscle aches that we thought were related to baseball injuries, as well as some intermittent low-grade fevers and exhaustion. We thought that it was a combination of teen angst, growing pains (grew 1 inch in a month!), heat exhaustion, dehydration, wanting to get out of baseball and camp. After many doctor visits, our pediatrician decided to take it a step further. After some blood tests, we were told of abnormalities. We received the news. Ben has Leukemia.

They are searching through the national registry but no Bone Marrow match has been found as of yet. For Ben, a transplant is an extensive procedure involving at least 4 to 6 weeks in the hospital continuously.Apparently, although we have the easier of the 2 types of Leukemia to cure, we have the worst case scenario of the more easily cured ALL. Ben continues to be a trooper & never complains. Your continued prayers and support are appreciated."

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