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Becky Baker Travis Baker Lilah Baker

$25,392raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Friends at Munson Medical Center Beneficiary: Becky, Travis, and Lilah Baker

ER Nurse Becky, Travis and 4 month old baby Lilah Baker involved in head on Motor Vehical Accident 2/8/2014.

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Becky Baker is a RN at Munson Emergency Department who has taken care of trauma patients with incredible skill and compassion. On 2/8/2014 Becky, her husband Travis, their 4 month old baby girl, Lilah, and their beloved dog Zuno, were hit head on by a driver that lost control on an icy highway. They all suffered serious traumatic injuries. Becky and Travis came to Munson Medical Center and her friends and colleagues that she usually works along side of,  were now the trauma team working on her and her husband. Their baby Lilah was flown to Devos in Critical Condition. Their dog was dead on scene. Please help this beautiful family with expenses as they are going through this incredibly difficult time.Thank you.
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by Friends at Munson Medical Center
Thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support to this beautiful family. Your support has made a huge impact on their lives as they are trying to heal from the tradgic loss of their sweet little Lilah.
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