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On a Friday, Max's mom was laid-off. The next day Max was at the park with his 3 siblings and had a catastrophic accident when he darted in front of his big sister while she was swinging and suffered massive internal bleeding. He was taken to Northwest Hospital, but was transported to Children's Memorial Hermann due to the massive trauma. For three days it wasn't certain he would make it out of the hospital. Suddenly he stabilized and was sent home for a few weeks so the internal bleeding could clear out a bit and they could get a better picture of how damaged the kidney was. It seemed absurd that a playground accident could be this catastrophic. 

Three weeks later, the CT scan revealed that what they had thought was internal bleeding was actually a massive tumor.. and it had grown. Max's parents were told the next day that Max had cancer and that he needed surgery immediately. It was devastating. 

Also, Max's insurance was running out because the family only had 30 days from the layoff.  

The next week, Max's kidney/tumor removal was successful and after a few more days he was sent home. His parents were told by the hospital financial department that their bill was already $100,000.  There was still 5 months of chemo to go. 

Max started his first chemo this week (March 18th), the day after his third birthday.  He's handling it like a little warrior. It's going to be a long road and it's going to get harder as his immunity becomes weaker and weaker. 

Your help is enormously appreciated. You can keep up with Max's journey through his parents' facebook pages or through

Thanks so much for your support!

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