Bald for TWO good causes

$19,640raised of $45,000 goal

Beneficiary: James Ryan Light IV Organizer: Heather Mathews

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***UPDATE*** Posted on 10/31/2013 by Organizer Heather Mathews
The hair is shaved! A little under two feet of mine was cut. My mother donated over two feet and Tiffany donated over a foot! We also had three other people shave their heads with us. They were unable to donate due to length but they are still sending a beautiful message ;)

Thank you so much for the continued support!. We are still looking for a van that is good value and at the right price. While we have yet to find a van, we are thankful we are able to purchase one at all.

Posted on 10/01/2013 by Organizer Heather Mathews
Ryan is still searching for a spinal cord injury treatment that he finds best suited for him. We have found a few different treatments in California. One is $30,00 for the treatment and the other is estimated at about $60,000 if he should go for the entire 6 month recommended program. It would be cheaper the less time he stayed. Neither include travel, meals, or hotel expense. We have also been researching Project Walk. Project Walk is located in California as well. Good thing we like warm weather ;) The fundraising amount is updated to show what we foresee needing raised to seek treatment and cover traveling expenses. Should Ryan choose the $60,000 treatment and like the first few months, we would both increase our amount via YouCaring as well as plan for more local benefits.

Thank you all for the continued donations. We are very grateful.

If you are local, come by the benefit October 12th, in New Athens, IL to see a friend shave her head and follow updates on when Ryan's girlfriend will be able to shave her head!

Posted on 08/12/2013 by Organizer Heather Mathews
We have reached our goal to buy Ryan a wheelchair van thanks to your generous donations and all who have helped spread the word via social media, e-mail, CARDINALS fans, word of mouth, etc. Many of our supportors came from both Ryan and his girlfriend's previous employers: Dream Town Realty, Claim Solution and European US Car Service. We love and miss you past co-workers! ;) Many thanks to family and friends as well along with the people who have not had the pleasure [ ;)] of meeting us. We are so grateful to have reached our first goal so quickly! We are already searching for a van since we have been so blessed to raise enough money to purchase one. We will continue to raise money to allow Ryan to seek a spinal cord injury treatment in California.

If you are unable to make the benefit, a video will be made to see Ryan's girlfriend shave her head to donate to Wigs for Kids!

Ryan was in a car accident February of 2013. He was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic due to a C5/C6 neck break. He has overcome many obstacles since being released from his month and half long stay at SLU ICU. He has beat the need for a breathing machine as well as the trach that many said would be permanent.

Being able to purchase a used wheelchair van will allow Ryan to comfortably be transported to anywhere he wants to go (St. Louis Cardinal's games) or would rather not travel to (spontaneous hospital visits). Ryan will be able to easily get to doctor's appointments, enjoy future weddings no matter the location, visit family and friends, and just plain get out of the house.

$10,000 is a small goal to what we will be trying to raise for Ryan. We can foresee at least half of that going to a wheelchair van, if not more. We will also be raising money for Ryan to try a successful spinal cord injury treatment in California. This treatment cost $30,000 + traveling expenses (hotel, gas, food, etc.). To try and heal Ryan's injury however, is something no one can put a price on.

I would like to say no one could put a price on my long hair either but I'm going to cross that line anyway. In an effort to raise the money for Ryan I have decided to shave my head and donate my hair should we reach the first goal of $10,000. If we can raise at least $10,000 we can guarantee a van for Ryan and almost 2 feet of hair to be donated to Wigs for Kids.

Our deadline is October 12, 2013; the day of the poker run / silent auction benefit for Ryan in New Athens, IL. If at least $10,000 is raised through this fundraiser, the world will have another bald beauty and a very very very happy and grateful Ryan, family, friends, and girlfriend.

ALL donations are greatly appreciated. :)

“It’s not about time, it’s about choices. How are you spending your choices?”

–Beverly Adamo

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