Backyard Growers Unite for Wendy

$1,965raised of $3,400 goal

Beneficiary: Wendy Wiegert Organizer: Natalie Brocieus

This fundraiser is closed
UPDATE as of Nov 12: I wanted to report that with the help of Senator Debbie Stabenow's office here in Michigan, a hospital in the Upper Peninsula has agreed to help Wendy get the surgery she so desperately needs, but she had to find a new OBGYN because the one she had would not give her the referral she needed. She was able to find a new one and they have scheduled her surgery for November 21, but since the OBGYN is not affiliated with the hospital they are requiring that Wendy come up with half of the doctor fee, which is $2000, by next Monday, Nov 19. This is why we re-opened her fundraiser and changed the amount. When looking at the total raised you would think we are almost there, but that total is mainly what was raised the first time. Those monies raised helped Wendy alot, but we still need to get her the $2000 she needs for the doc to do her surgery. So in all actuality, that total needs to be $3400 by November 19, because $1400 of that has already been spent on doctor bills and lab work for Wendy. Please find it in your heart to give as much as you can. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS! Wendy Wiegert is a beautiful woman who is self employed and has no medical insurance. She owns and operates a small backyard nursery where she grows plants and collects heirloom seeds. She has helped thousands of people through the years by providing them with the heirloom seeds for their gardens and all she asks in return is that they grow the plants and return some seeds to her. Many of these seeds have been given freely at no cost to the consumer. Now she needs our help. Wendy has developed a very large fiborous tumor and is hemmoraghing every month at an alarming rate that could cost her her life if surgery is not performed. This condition has left her weak and in great pain. She is not able to sustain her plant nursery and so she has no income coming in. This means she cannot afford to buy the medications she needs to help with the pain and bleeding. As I mentioned she has no medical insurance and so the hospital will not do the surgery. I am pleading for your help. Please show her that there are people out there who really care and make a donation today. If just 2000 people would give $10 we could reach our goal and she would be on her way to recovery. Thank you all and God bless you. Update - September 19. 2012 Just heard from Wendy and she had to go to emergency room today. She was having a hard time breathing and had chest pain and near vomitting. After blood work they discovered enzymes in her bloodstream had caused these symptoms, and even though she was passing large blood clots they would not perform emergency surgery because she had not lost enough blood yet. What!!! Are you kidding me? Please folks, Wendy needs our help here. She has been contacting everyone she can think of to get the help she needs to now avail. Won't you please find it in your hearts to give just a little. Thank you and God bless!
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