Atlas: wounded and abandoned cat desperate for hope

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To abandon an animal is against the law. To abandon a critically ill, suffering animal is against humanity.  A cardboard box was all that stood between Atlas and the further brutality of a homeless existence.  Fear and desolation hung in the air but yet both were barely visible through eyes riddled with infection, caked shut and oozing.  A raw, gaping wound extended down the length of his spine exposing the infected flesh underneath and rendered Atlas helpless and in shock. MHAA rushed him to the vet who performed three grueling hours of emergency surgery. Removal of necrotic tissue, draining of the infections and stretching of the skin using special sutures were the first in a series of medical procedures. Atlas remains in intensive care and will need round the clock care and monitoring due to the risk of further infection. His long term prognosis is unknown.

Whether Atlas’ wounds are accidental (an untreated abscess) or intentional (abuse/burns) and why he was abandoned in a box in such poor condition will remain a mystery. The pain this 4 year old soul has had to endure is heartbreaking and unthinkable. What is certain is that Atlas’ wounds are some of the most horrific seen in our shelter’s 23 year history.

Please find a way to give this suffering cat some hope. Your donation will provide the comfort and medical attention that he and all sick and injured animals deserve.

Please put Atlas in the Paypal comments box when you donate and share this with everyone who cares about animals.

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