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[SEE UPDATE #23 posted 6/30/15]

In early 2012, our sweet friend Anna, then 13 years old, had the first of 3 seizures, which in time led to numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, blurred vision, and fatigue.  One year later, Anna's abdomen suddenly distended, causing nausea and vomiting, resulting in a feeding tube for six weeks.  By April, she had a sudden onset of scoliosis with curvature of 31 degrees.  A month later, it had changed to 47 degrees, and her colon functions began to slow down.

Doctors in Nashville could not explain Anna's symptoms and had no answers.  Her parents made the decision to take her to the Mayo Clinic in MN, where she saw many specialists and underwent many diagnostic tests.  Mayo physicians determined that the muscles in Anna's colon and bladder were not functioning. But nothing was providing answers needed to remedy this problem.  

Desperate for answers, independent labs were consulted next, and results indicated her nerves and muscles had been affected by Lyme Disease and its various co-infections, as well as intestinal infections. In November 2013, the family consulted with a doctor in Florida who had hoped he could help Anna, but after a time, he realized he could not. Continuing to search for answers for their daughter, the Boohers found a new doctor in Sarasota, FL.  Anna is currently receiving treatments at the Florida Integrated Medical Center,and after three months of treatments, is seeing some improvements. 

The tests and treatments are costly, to the tune of $3,000-4,000/week, plus housing costs. As this has been a long ongoing process, the family would be so grateful for financial help to get Anna's body functioning again!    

If you are willing and able, please contribute with Paypal through this site, or send a check to the address below:

Anna Rose Booher Trust
c/o First Tennessee Bank
4771 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, TN  37076
Attn: Walker Ferebee

Her family believes that God has a plan for Anna's life and He will provide for her through the love of others.  Thanks in advance for helping Anna find the answers she needs.  Her friends and church family are trying to do all we can first, but we will need others' help to see this through.  Please pray for her, and please give if you can!  Any amount will help.  And please pass this on.  


by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family,


This week marks two years since Anna’s health journey required us to seek help outside our home. It has taken us to Minnesota and Florida, where we are still. This long journey has been filled with many mountains, valleys, twists, and turns, but our constants have been our loving heavenly Father and our dear friends and family. Thank YOU from the bottoms of our hearts for praying for us, hurting with us, loving us, and supporting us through this ordeal.


We will be forever grateful to the 1213 organization, many congregations of the Lord’s Church, and many individuals who have given freely of their time, money, and other resources to help our family as we have desperately tried to help Anna. Thank you to those who organized and conducted fund raiser events, and thank you for every card, text, email, package, and other acts of love and encouragement. Every act of love has carried us through this challenging time. As of tomorrow, Anna’s You Caring account will be closed, but her 1st Tennessee Benefit account will remain open. Below is a list of updates of our family which will tell of wonderful things as well as prayer requests for some ongoing challenges that both Anna and Evan are facing.


God is in control; God is good! God has brought amazing healing, and God remains faithful!




We have learned to not take ANYTHING for granted because things can often change so quickly, but we believe that the critical infectious part of the Lyme disease and other related infections is over for Anna! She has discontinued treatments for these infections, but must now continue to deal with the effects of the infections. These include some muscle/nerve issues related to her spine, bladder, and jaw areas that have not yet completely resolved. For these issues, we have decided that it is best for Anna to remain in Florida a while longer with her “team” that has worked so long and diligently to care for her and get her to this point. Even with the remaining challenges, Anna is happy, smiling, and hopeful. She has been able to resume her school studies and begin to enjoy the beauties and activities of this area. God is healing her so that she can live again! Thank you to each of you for helping to provide the care Anna has needed and continues to need. (Yes, the tears of thankfulness are flowing.) We ask for your continued prayers that complete healing will occur for Anna.




Many of you may not know, but Evan was in the hospital in early May due to a serious Crohn’s disease flare. He has rebounded from this event, and after much prayer, research, and discussions with various medical people, has made the decision to apply to a very special clinical trial study for Crohn’s disease. If accepted into the study, Evan and Gil or I would travel to Vancouver, B.C. the end of July or August. We were already planning to go to Nashville in August for a few weeks. So Anna and Adam would stay in Nashville while we are away with Evan. Evan has dealt with Crohn’s for 10 years now, since the age of 12. Even though this is a clinical trial study, the pre-clinical results have been amazing. There are strict requirements for acceptance into the study, but it seems that Evan’s case will meet them. We will know more by July 10. Please pray that the Lord will lead and bless Evan in his efforts to find healing too.




While I am giving updates, I’ll write about the rest of the family too! Fortunately, Adam has not suffered from any major health issue! He did have all of his wisdom teeth removed a couple of weeks ago, but is now currently in West Virginia at a competitive piano camp. In the fall, Adam will return to FSU in Tallahassee where he has a teacher assistantship and where he is pursuing a Master’s degree in piano performance. Adam enjoys teaching and pursuing his studies in piano. He has had many positive learning experiences since moving to Tallahassee. It has been nice, though, spending time with him this summer. He has been such a wonderful friend and support to Anna and Evan. We are thankful for their loving relationships with one another.



Gil & Lisa


We are very thankful that in January Gil began a new job in Nashville. He has enjoyed returning to traditional actuarial work, especially in a place where there are many Christians, making for an extra warm environment in which to work. We appreciate that his boss has understood our “unique” situation, allowing for Gil to come to Florida from time to time, especially when we have needed him suddenly, such as when Evan was hospitalized. Gil will be arriving here on Thursday, and we will all love being together again. We long for the day when we can all be in Nashville again. As for me, I am learning more each day how delicate life is and to be thankful that we have a sovereign God, who made us and knows what is best for each of us. I am learning the lessons of perseverance and running the race until the end even when times of weariness and homesickness may affect me. It is a picture to me of our spiritual journey, where the end is in sight for those who persevere, and at the end, there IS victory in Christ!


Thank you for persevering with us on this journey of healing. May God bless each of you richly.


With much gratefulness,



(For Gil, Adam, Evan, & Anna)



“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”    Ephesians 3:20-21


by Norm and Renita Harber

Dear Friends and Family, 


After a week-long trip home to Nashville, Evan, Anna, and I are back in Florida. It was wonderful being in our own home again and seeing family and friends. It was special worshipping again with our Christian family at Broadmoor. Thank you for all of the smiles and hugs of encouragement. We love you all! It is our hope to be back in Nashville by mid-summer, but this depends on the progress that both Anna and Evan make.


God has been so good to us! One year ago exactly, Anna was in the pediatric intensive care unit fighting for her life. Today, she wanted to go to the beach to celebrate the healing and improvement that she has experienced over the last year. As you will see by our special prayer requests below, there is still much desired healing, but with the care and diligence of all of Anna’s health care team and God’s continued love and grace, we believe this remaining healing will occur. Thank you for your continued prayers and petitions on Anna’s behalf. Thank you for supporting her medical care in a financial way as well. Our daughter is getting well, and we will always be grateful for and humbled by your many gifts of love and kindness that have enabled us to provide special care for Anna.


Evan has struggled with his health also throughout this last year. We are grateful that he has been able to be here in Florida where I could support him and Anna together. Please pray for him as well as he faces the challenges that go along with Crohn’s disease. It is our prayer that a special doctor in Atlanta will be able to offer much help to Evan and Anna. This week both have begun his program for each of them, and we are excited to see wonderful results in time for better digestive health. We will stay in Florida to also continue care from the doctor here as well as Mr. Paul, our dear Neurosomatic physical therapist.


This has been a long winding journey, but in a class recently, Brother David McClister instilled in me a love for Romans 4. There are many points to make about this chapter, but I was especially encouraged and challenged by Abraham who:


  • believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” vs 3
  • “…against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..” vs 18
  • Without weakening in his faith….” vs 19
  • “Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God…” vs 20
  • “…but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God.” vs 20
  • “…being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised…” vs 21
  • “The words ‘it was credited to him’ were written not for him alone, but also for us to whom God will credit righteousness - for us who believe in Himwho raised Jesus our Lord from the dead….” vs 23-24 


To have a faith like Abraham is my desire and prayer. God is faithful and will care for us in all that we need. Thank you again for every prayer and loving kindness you have given to our family.


With a grateful heart,




 Specific Prayer Requests:


  • Please pray that Mr. Paul will be able to help Anna’s lower spine to “straighten,” enabling the nerves to the bladder to heal.
  • Please pray that Anna’s left hip will also heal, making walking easier for her.
  • Please pray for both Anna and Evan that the inflammation in their intestines will decrease so that healing can occur there.
  • Please pray for wisdom, patience, and endurance for us to keep doing what is needed for Evan and Anna.
  • PLEASE praise our Father in heaven for the love and grace he has shown to Anna and Evan – and to us all!





by Norm and Renita Harber

~ Update from the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family,

Much has occurred since our last update for Anna and Evan. For a period of time, I just did not have the heart for writing. Below is a portion of a letter to some dear ones who, in a very special way, brightened our holidays. This will give you a picture of what has happened.

Anna’s health journey has been long and tiring. The ups and downs have been extreme, and even though we have tried hard to remain positive and strong, there have been many days of discouragement. Shortly before Christmas, Anna’s legs and feet became affected by the Lyme disease. Since that time, she has had to use a wheelchair. 

As her mother, it has been absolutely heartbreaking to see her experience this setback and to see her now have to rely on a wheelchair and, at 16, to have to literally crawl up the stairs to get to the bedrooms. I didn’t know if my heart could enjoy the holidays at all.

We don’t know where this journey will lead us next or how long this will last. We ask for your continued fervent prayers that Anna’s health and ability to walk will be restored and that Evan’s health will also continue to improve.

This letter was written on January 10, and Anna was still using the wheelchair, BUT, this precious child, even when things are bleak, keeps hanging in there. Her goal was to be able to walk into the concert hall for Adam’s piano concert (see attachment) this Friday, February 13. Through prayer, sheer will power, and much painful therapy with Mr. Paul, Anna gradually used crutches, then a cane, and NOW, she is walking again and Lord willing, will meet her goal on Friday! We give glory and praise to the Lord for this!! Thank you to all who prayed for her to walk again! We look forward to seeing her walking improve each day.

Anna continues to have intestinal and urological issues, and Evan has had ups and downs as well, but we have recently had a consultation with an additional doctor who specializes in chronic issues, and we are hopeful that he can offer the last pieces to their health puzzles. We ask for your continued prayers as we press on. Thank you again for the many ways you encourage us.

With a grateful heart,


(For Gil, Adam, Evan, and Evan)


Personal thoughts for those who want to keep reading:  

(Or, as my children would call it, “sermonette”)

Friends, I can now say that I know somewhat of what it feels like to be beaten down, attacked by one challenge after another, discouraged to the point of despair, and lonely at times despite all your wonderful support. I know somewhat of what it is like to be a “single mother.” I now have the utmost respect for military and single mothers who must tend to every detail of life, and I have a greater love and appreciation for my husband. I know what it is like to be absolutely exhausted,  to literally cry myself to sleep, and to cry out to the Lord night after night, pleading for His mercy, strength, and wisdom. I also know what it is like, to almost give up hope all together. This is how I felt when both of Anna’s feet were turned in, stiff as boards and when we found out that she likely has Crohn’s too – I was still praying but felt hopeless and very discouraged. 

At the point, though, when I could not even bring a smile to my face, the Lord provided, as He always does. He provided special encouragement from a mother and daughter we had never met before. He provided a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a dear friend.  He provided special visitors from home two weeks ago with whom we were able to visit, and who encouraged us beyond means. They helped us laugh and see hope again. He provided an opportunity for me to see my parents and be renewed by them. He restored Anna’s ability to walk. He is reuniting our family this weekend to experience Adam’s wonderful music and to provide more encouragement from those who will attend the concert. 

I could go on and on, but the point is that through these recent blessings and through meditating on various passages, I imagined the Lord saying to me, “I am still with you, providing for you in every way. Do not lose heart. Do not give up. I have given you examples in my Word of many who have felt like you, and I provided for them just as I am and will continue to provide for you. I love you, dear daughter. Keep persevering because I am with you.”

Dear friends, I have left my comfort zone to pour these thoughts out in hopes that YOU may be strengthened and encouraged to press on through the challenges of this life and that no matter how dark the way may seem your faith in God’s promises and faithfulness will carry you through until the end. 


Blessed is the man, who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, 

he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

                                                                                                                                           James 1:12

When life is hard for you, remember Anna’s wristband which says, “Never  Ever Give Up!” With God ALL things are possible. (Mark 10:27)



by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family,


Today is Anna’s Sweet 16th Birthday, and we would like to thank you all for making this a wonderful day and weekend for our precious daughter! Thank you for the MANY (238!) cards and goodies that you have sent to her to celebrate this milestone.  She has been excited to take the daily walk to the mailbox station, which has been good to help rebuild her strength. Today our family spent well over two hours sitting around the table reading cards and appreciating YOU!


This weekend Anna enjoyed several “firsts.”  Below are a summary and some pictures of our wonderful time together. Thank you again for making this a memorable time for all of us. We have been encouraged beyond words.


Friday afternoon and night Adam and Gil arrived in Sarasota. We were happy to all be together again. Saturday morning Anna had her first outing since the hospital stay. Adam’s gift to her was to treat her to a visit to a yarn shop, and then he took her briefly to see the ocean and to feel the sand between her toes. It was a special time for the two of them.


Saturday afternoon my parents surprised Anna by driving from Nashville to be here for Anna’s big day. It was hard keeping this secret from her but well worth it when she opened the door and saw her grandparents.  Anna also received the most beautiful and unique flower arrangement from some dear friends. In the center of the arrangement is a little dog made of white carnations. Anna named the little dog Baxter after Gil’s cousin’s dog. We have all enjoyed having our first house pet!

Sunday was an extra special day as it was Anna’s and my first time to attend worship services since mid-August, AND we were able to do this with our entire family! As we sat down and began to sing the first song along with the other Christians in Palmetto, my heart swelled and tears flowed from my eyes. How thirsty I have been for fellowship with other Christians and for the joy of sharing in the Lord’s Supper, singing, praying, and learning from God’s Word. In an extra special way, I appreciate the words: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’” Psalm 122:1.


Today was filled with celebrating Anna with special family time and opening gifts and the numerous cards sent by many special caring people. Thank you again for loving our daughter. For a brief time it was nice to feel some normalcy, like life used to be. It has been nice to see smiles and to have laughter again. It truly has been sweet this weekend. Our family appreciates each of you for your continued support to Anna as well as Evan too.


Tomorrow appointments begin again, but we have renewed strength to carry on. This afternoon when Anna lay down for a rest, I rested too. As I lay there, I said a special prayer of thanks for each of you. I asked for the Lord to please bless each of you in very special ways.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift us His countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26


With a grateful heart,


(for Gil, Adam, Evan, & Anna)

by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher family ~

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again, we are at a loss to thank you adequately for your continued love and concern for Anna. Your cards, emails, and texts keep us going. Many of you add scriptures that are particularly encouraging. Thank You!

On October 16, Anna was discharged from a Tampa hospital after 24 days. We are now back in Sarasota where she has been recouping. There are lingering GI effects from some medications that were given to her, which may result in a colonoscopy later this week, but she is “hanging in there.”

Even though these latest setbacks were extremely challenging, we are trying to focus on the big picture and how much progress has been made up to this point. Anna did have one seizure in the hospital, but it was triggered by high fever. The last seizure she had had was in July. Her bowel functions were improving, and will hopefully continue to improve after this upcoming procedure. AND her spine, which had been severely rotated and curved is correcting, which is helping to improve several organ functions. Please see comparison pictures from August 2013 and August 2014 in the photos tab.

I’m sharing this with you because I know it is hard to pray from afar for someone day after day and to know the person is still struggling, but your prayers are not being said in vain. The Lord is working an amazing work in Anna’s body, and in time, we believe she will be healed. Yes, this journey is LONG and challenging, but we will not give up, and we deeply appreciate your continued love and support that you give in so many ways.

If one soul has been touched to become faithful to God or encouraged in any way due to Anna’s situation, then we praise the Lord for this. Please keep praying to our heavenly Father, the One who made Anna and who knows her best. Our family appreciates every prayer said on Anna’s behalf.

With a grateful heart,


by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family, 


It has been a very long time, I know, since the last email update, and I am sorry for this, but it is all that I have been able to do just to “get through” these challenges, much less write about them. We will try, even if we have to ask someone else to write for us, to send more frequent updates. Thank you again for continuing to remember us through many prayers and continued financial support. Both are very much appreciated. It is with a heavy heart that I now have to give updates concerning two of our children instead of only one, but that is what we are now dealing with. Below are the updates along with some personal notes.


Anna – Anna is currently in St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa where she has been for the last two weeks and will remain, probably, until Oct. 18 at least. A couple of months ago Anna was making such wonderful improvement that we were having thoughts of possibly transitioning her back home, BUT as has happened so often, there was a setback. Anna developed a kidney infection which traveled to her central line, giving her a blood infection. She also was given an antibiotic from which she had a rare side effect of Hemolytic Anemia. In one week she lost half her blood supply, requiring multiple blood transfusions.  She is currently stable with no fever, and the last three blood cultures have come back negative. Her hemoglobin levels are much improved too. This is just a classic case of “everything going wrong that possibly can go wrong and more.” Please keep her in your prayers.


Evan Evan arrived in Florida in June to be with us throughout the summer. In the spring he was beginning to have signs of some increased Crohn’s inflammation, but as probably any boy his age would do, he pretty much ignored it, just wanting to get through his first year of college! When he arrived, I knew he wasn’t doing well. Within a couple of weeks after being here, he went into a full Crohn’s flair, losing 25 lbs in two weeks’ time. Dr. M., Anna’s Sarasota doctor, saw Evan and ordered blood work and an MRE, which showed significant inflammation and the affected areas. Evan began weekly IV treatments to boost his immune system, changed his diet to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and began seeing Mr. Paul, our amazing neurosomatic physical therapist. He also received much rest. During this time, we also learned of a GI doctor in Tampa for him to see.  


Soon after this, he had to make decisions about his fall plans. We were extremely grateful to his Lipscomb teachers and the Provost office who were willing to work with Evan so that he could continue his classes at a reduced load remotely, and stay here where I could help him. Within one intense month, Evan’s inflammation markers have dropped significantly. He still has good and less good days, but he is pulling out of the worst part of this. Evan had been doing so well before Anna’s health issues came up, but the prolonged stresses of college, being concerned for Anna, and everything being turned “upside down” just had their effects on him. Thank you for keeping Evan in your prayers too!


Personal Note - On a particular day recently, after we had received some “setback” news, Anna, who has been her cheery self through so much, poured her heart out in tears. As I held her in my arms, crying along with her, I said, “Anna, it can’t rain every day. The sun will come out again. I don’t know when, but it WILL come out again!” We just hugged and cried together.


During this recent hospital stay, we had to move into a new “home.” Since Evan wasn’t feeling well that day, I had to go alone and finish getting things from the “old” place and clean it. Our dear friend, Deanna stayed with Anna. It was 10 PM when I was ready to leave. As I went through each room, making sure all was well, I was overcome by my emotions. Four months earlier, when we first walked through this lovely place, I had believed this would be the place Anna would be healed at last.  Now, not only was Anna in the hospital with a serious issue, but on that day, Evan was also lying fatigued and in pain. I just sat on the couch in the darkness and cried out to my heavenly Father to hold me in His loving arms and to strengthen me to be what I need to be for my children. I petitioned him yet again to do what only He can do – heal my precious ones. I will hold on to His promises, knowing that He is faithful and that He counts every tear and hears every prayer. I will hold on to Jeremiah 32:17:


“Ah Lord God! It is You who made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm!

Nothing is too difficult for you.”


Whatever challenges you may be facing in your own lives, I pray that you will join me in holding on to the One who made us and knows what is best for us.


With a grateful heart,



by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family, 


After a week’s visit to our home in Nashville, Anna and I are in Florida again where Anna has resumed treatment for Lyme Disease and subsequent health issues relating to her bowels, bladder, and muscles. We were so thrilled to be able to go home for Adam’s college graduation and to receive such love and encouragement from so many of our friends and family. Thank you for crying, praying, and even laughing with us. We left Nashville with lighter hearts and strength to go on.


The Lord blessed Anna with a good week in Nashville, as she had only one seizure the day after we arrived. She was able to visit with many and even attend worship services at Broadmoor. We had been praying hard that she would be able to go home and enjoy her time there – another answered prayer!


It has become apparent that the seizures are due to chronic dehydration caused by a lack of a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus. Dr. Monhollon believes this is due to inflammation from the Lyme. Anna has to drink many liters of water per day, as well as have IV fluids each day to keep from becoming dehydrated. So far, she has had no seizures for the past two weeks! She is feeling so much better. Mr. Paul, the Neurosomatic physical therapist, and his associates, Casey and Shila, have been working with her diligently. She is now out of the wheelchair, and it has been exciting to begin seeing changes in her spine and posture. 


There are still many issues yet to be resolved, but to see our precious daughter smiling, laughing, and even singing again humbles my heart. Anna has been busy knitting various items for the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and therapists to show her thanks. We are beginning to get our daughter back! Please continue to pray fervently for the weeks ahead that will inevitably have their ups and downs. Please continue to pray for Anna’s complete healing. We know the Lord is so faithful and hears every prayer said on Anna’s behalf. Thank you!!!


We have been happy to have Adam with us the last two weeks. He has been a tremendous help, and it has been great being with him every day. In the fall, Adam will begin a master’s program at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where he has been offered a graduate assistantship in piano performance. There are Nashville Christian connections, and the Church is strong there. It will be a growing experience for us all. Please pray for Adam’s future move and education.


This Friday Gil and Evan will be coming to Florida. Gil will stay for two weeks to help us with our relocation to Sarasota. Evan will stay the rest of the summer to help out. We will put him to work in the kitchen, as he loves to cook! It will be so wonderful being with all three of my children for the whole summer. We just wish Gil could be with us too.


Thank you again for continuing with us on this journey of faith and healing. We love and appreciate each of you!


With a grateful heart,



(For Gil, Adam, Evan, & Anna) 

by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher family ~

Dear Friends and Family,


We are continuing to ride the health roller coaster as two weeks ago, Anna had multiple seizures. Thankfully, it has now been over a week since Anna had a seizure. The doctor says that if Anna can remain seizure-free through next week, that she might be able to fly home May 1 for Adam’s college graduation. I am cautiously excited, but Anna is “crazy excited!”  She would not be attending the graduation itself but would be able to enjoy time with family afterwards. We are both looking forward to worship services on Sunday too. The plan is for us to return to Florida on May 5 to resume treatments. Adam will be coming back with us to help out. Congratulations, Adam on your college graduation! We are proud of you!!


For some time now, Anna’s left foot has been very stiff and hooded inward. Her left hip has also been inflamed and distorted. After seeing Mr. Paul last Monday and receiving several Lyme treatments, it was amazing to us to see her foot gradually straighten and become limber again. Her left hip still has flare ups of pain but it is now nearly even with the right hip. When her hip is not inflamed, she is able to walk and even bend her knees in a squatting position. We praise and thank our heavenly Father for this improvement, and we thank each of you for continuing to petition the Lord for Anna’s healing.


There are still many issues to be resolved, but I am glad to finally be able to report something positive. Yes, it has been long and hard, and there are days we feel so tired, like today, actually. But, on this very day, I received several birthday cards to strengthen and encourage a weary mother to keep going on for her child. Thank you for the birthday wishes! We are hoping and praying that we will be in Nashville next weekend, and that we will be able to see many of you. Thank you again for your many thoughts, prayers, and support.





(For Gil, Adam, Evan, & Anna )



“Ah Lord God! It is You who made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm. Nothing is too difficult for You!” Jeremiah 32:17

by Norm and Renita Harber

~ From the Booher Family ~

Dear Friends and Family,

Our lives continue to be a series of ups and downs as we are struggling for Anna’s health and last week for her life. On Monday, March 24, Anna’s sodium levels dropped to dangerously low levels. She was taken to a local hospital in Sarasota, where she has been seeing a new doctor. She was then transported to All Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She was in PICU for two days, then moved to a regular room, and then discharged this past Monday, March 31. This is a very condensed version of the events of last week, but we are so grateful that the Lord blessed us once again by taking care of our sweet Anna.


At one point last week, I couldn’t bear it any more as Anna’s room was filled with doctors and nurses trying to help her. I left the room briefly and called home for family support. The next morning my mother, father, and sister left Nashville at 5AM and were at the hospital that night. What a blessing it is to be loved by family and friends and to be supported in various ways. We appreciate our family members coming so quickly to be with us. As the week has gone by, Anna has been feeling better. The doctor in Sarasota has a plan, and at this point, we feel that Gil can go home, finally. My mother is staying to be with Anna and me. Gil plans to arrive in Nashville Sunday night. We will miss him very much.


We are blessed now to have found two doctors in Sarasota, whom we hope, despite this latest setback, are going to help her get well. We first took Anna to Dr. Monhollon at the end of February. He has a comprehensive health care center in Sarasota, which includes accommodations for patients who are from out-of-town or who need around-the-clock care. At Anna’s first visit, she was having effects from a recent seizure and still could not bend her knees to walk or sit. We “lived” at the center for two very difficult weeks, but after the third week of treatments, her knees began to bend easily and have remained so since. There were other signs of her body beginning to respond to the treatments when her sodium levels dropped. On Tuesday of this week, we returned to the center to work her slowly back into the treatments.


As Anna has been lovingly cared for by Dr. M. and his staff, I have often thought of our friends and family who have made all of this care possible for Anna. Thank you for the continued support you give to our family through prayers, loving acts of kindness, and financial help. On Feb. 27, many of you attended the Two Brothers for One Sister Benefit Concert given by Adam and Evan. This effort raised $8,909.15. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not only supporting Anna’s ongoing medical expenses, but for also supporting Adam and Evan, as they love Anna and have been so concerned for her.


We realize that there are many other families with needs such as ours and that we have been blessed greatly, but by request, we are going to keep the YouCaring site open for a while since several people have asked us to give more frequent updates using this site and since some have expressed a desire to continue aiding Anna’s care as she is still undergoing treatments. The weekly cost at the Sarasota health center is between $3,000-$4,000, each week, depending on Anna’s tolerance level. The YouCaring site does not have a place to indicate a balance of spending, but to date, The Anna Rose Booher Trust Account has a balance of $67,572.54. We will try our best to give brief weekly updates on this site:, and we do appreciate your ongoing care and support.


One morning a few months ago, while Anna was still resting, I went out on the porch to have some quiet reading time. I wanted to read a particular passage, but as I was turning to it, I stopped at Luke 8 and stayed there for a long time. Comparing the account of Jairus and the sick woman, I realized that both fell at Jesus’ feet, in acknowledgement of His power to heal. I also was impressed by Christ’s words to each, so impressed that I wrote them on a card and placed it on the refrigerator where I can be reminded often. To the sick woman, Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” I desire for my faith to become stronger and stronger each day. After someone had told Jairus that his daughter was dead, Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Through Anna’s health journey, there have been many times where fear was allowed in my heart, but passages such as these help me to focus on the One who has the power to heal Anna, the One who knows all and sees the big picture. May I often, without fear, fall at Jesus’ feet with faith in Him to heal my precious child.


Thank you again for sharing in this journey of faith and healing along with our family.


With a grateful heart,



(for Gil, Adam, Evan, and Anna )

by Norm and Renita Harber
Thursday, February 27, Anna's brothers, Adam and Evan Booher, will be performing a benefit piano concert at 7:30 pm, Ward Hall on the Lipscomb University campus.  The concert is free, but donations for Anna will be accepted at the door, or at any First Tennessee Bank (Health Benefit for Anna Rose Booher).  Please come and enjoy this concert in appreciation for the amazing support you have all given in reaching the $100K goal!  

by Norm and Renita Harber
We have exciting news today!  Overnight, Anna's fund raiser has hit $100,000+ and is still growing!  It has been exactly fifteen weeks from the day it was set up. 

At the time it was set up, we thought that posting a goal of $100K was too high, so we originally set it up for $50K, with the intention of raising it once we approached the first goal.  Well, that happened much more quickly than we ever anticipated, due to the amazing outpouring of love for Anna and the Boohers!  May God be glorified in the good works you have done!

There have been several larger fundraisers and matches and we are so thankful for those of you who organized these:, Broadmoor ladies' craft fair, Nolensville Lyme Walk, many congregations' contributions, Boohers' neighbors-Cookies for a Cure, Amanda's recipe swap fundraiser.  Additionally, so many individuals and families have given so very generously and those amounts, small and large, have made all the difference.  

Anna's got a long way to go in getting all of the answers she and her family so desperately need, but thanks to your generousity, the financial burden has been eased.   Gil and Lisa will be sending an update in the next day or so on Anna's condition, so stay tuned for that and please continue to pray for God's healing of Anna and many others who are battling this awful disease.   The battle belongs to the Lord, Anna!  We love you!

by Norm and Renita Harber

~From the Booher family~

Happy New Year to all of our dear friends and family!


We have renewed strength from the hope that 2014 has to offer. Thank you again to every member of TEAM ANNA for your love and support. Next week Anna will resume daily medical treatments and Neurosomatic therapy. Since we arrived in November, we have learned about new aspects of Anna’s health situation and have pulled in two new doctors whom we feel will add much to helping Anna regain her health. We feel the Lord has placed us in an area where Anna has a team of health experts committed to helping her get well. In fact, Mr. Paul, the neurosomatic expert, wears his TEAM ANNA wristband every day.


It takes time, hard work, and mostly faith in God’s healing hand to regain one’s health. The context is different, but we share the sentiments of the apostle Paul in

2 Corinthians 4:1,7-8:


          “….we do not lose heart…..But we have this treasure in jars of clay to

          show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us, We are  

          hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;

          persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”


TEAM ANNA, thank you for your ongoing prayers and many other ways you continue to support Anna and our entire family. May God bless your new year in special ways, and may His name be glorified through this situation.


Happy New Year!


Gil, Lisa, Adam, Evan, & Anna 

by Norm and Renita Harber
It has been a while since we last updated, and it seemed to be a good time to catch up on what is happening. Lisa and Anna have now been in Florida for four weeks.   During that time, they have been staying in a hotel that is certified mold-free while looking for a more long-term arrangement.  They have found a condo that is furnished, and was just what they needed, but it did have some mold issues that had to be remediated, so that has been done and it is ready for them to move into it.  

BUT, they have had to put off the move as Anna has gone into the hospital in St. Petersburg first for a few days to, once again, deal with her intestinal issues.  Her two doctors just needed to start with a clean slate and this is just part of the ongoing process they must endure until her body works the way it should.

Lisa did report some very positive news.  Anna's daily regimen is about 8 hours per day of going to Sponaugle Wellness, then to Clearwater to a spine specialist who is working on her scoliosis.  During her treatment Tuesday, her spine began to correct itself, which was very encouraging.  This will take some work for it to stay that way, but Lisa was excited to share that bit of news.  

Check out the total...we are 86% of the way to our goal!  Praise God!  Thank you for your continued encouragement to the family by helping them meet this goal and remove ONE big stressor in their lives.  

by Norm and Renita Harber

– From the Booher family –

On this special day of Thanksgiving, our family would like to express our deepest gratitude to each of you who has contributed in any way toward Anna's health care. We are overwhelmed by your love and support. Thank you for your fervent prayers and many actions of love. May the Lord bless each of you richly, and may His name be glorified through this situation.

With grateful hearts,

Gil, Lisa, Adam, Evan, and Anna

by Norm and Renita Harber
There is much exciting news to share today!

Saturday was a cool, beautiful fall day!  We began the day with a craft fair and bake sale at a school in Hendersonville, TN.  The ladies from Broadmoor (with the help of a lot of guys, too) filled the cafeteria with tables full of their handmade crafts, sewn projects, framed pieces, uniquely designed jewelry pieces, wreaths, Christmas decorations, gift baskets, artwork, poetry, children-decorated gift bags and cards, and on and on.  On one long wall, a bake sale full of pies, homemade breads, cookies and brownies filled the tables.  We even had our own barista making coffee drinks for all.  Children sat in the middle and colored pictures to give to shoppers.  The last three hours, music filled the room as Molly Taylor, Leah Edwards and Kindred performed for some shopping entertainment.   The tally as of tonight is $5007 raised by that effort!

Mid-day, the Booher men had to take off for Nolensville to get to Fundraiser #2 - a walk/run for Lyme Disease, organized by Anna's relatives.  They reported approximately 75 runners/walkers who paid an entrance fee in support of Anna.  The day ended with food and fun in Nolensville Park.  The latest report is close to $6000 raised at this event!! (final amount TBD)  What a great addition to our fundraising goal!  Praise God for His goodness!

And now, in two weeks, Anna's neighbors will be hosting a CHRISTMAS COOKIE SWAP on December 8.  See the flyer above for more information.  Click on the full picture at the bottom right in the photo gallery to see the whole flyer.  

Gil, Adam and Evan will be staying in Nashville for Thanksgiving, due to finals coming up. Lisa and Anna will share Thanksgiving dinner with a family in Florida.  We're sad that they can't be together, but winter break is right around the corner when the men can go and join them.  We are thankful for the answers Anna is getting and thankful for so many who are supporting that effort!  God bless you all.

by Norm and Renita Harber
Update on Anna, from her family:

Dear Friends and Family,

Our hearts have been touched and saddened over the recent tragedies that have occurred in the Philippines, areas affected by tornadoes, and the tragic likely drowning of Adam Smelser.  We hurt over each of these situations and pray that the Lord will comfort each family involved, as only He can do.  The hurts and challenges of this life certainly should give each of us even more incentive to live faithfully for Christ with the hope of eternal life with our heavenly Father.  We hurt deeply for those suffering and grieving.  

As for our own personal situation, we have learned much about Anna's health in the short week that we have been in Florida.  We have been very impressed with Dr. Sponaugle and his staff.  After meeting with him last Tuesday and hearing results from the many tests that had been done prior to our arrival, it was confirmed that Lyme Disease has weakened Anna's muscles and bones and is creating issues with the nerves that control the colon and bladder functions.  This is a very complicated situation since the Lyme has affected the very areas that would eliminate the infections when treated.  There are also many hormonal imbalances that have affected the functions of her thyroid as well. 

To add to all of this, we were referred to a neuromuscular/spine specialist in St. Petersburg who took special X-rays of Anna's pelvic/hip bone area.  He has determined that the scoliosis and shortened leg are actually anatomical rather than functional and that this changed so quickly and dramatically due to the weakening of the muscles and bones by the Lyme as well as the fall that Anna had in March in the hospital.  This specialist was able to also determine that her pelvis is rotated in such a way that the colon would naturally be affected.  There is also rotation in the cervical spine area, which has nerves that affect the functioning of the colon and bladder.  Finally, after nearly a year of seeing doctors at two major hospitals and getting no conclusive help, we have answers and direction.

The Lyme Disease must be addressed as well as the structural issues for Anna to regain her health and functions.  Dr. Sponaugle told us last week that we will be here a minimum of six months.  We have secured a place to live and are waiting to have it "certified mold free" before we move in and share the address.  As you might imagine, we are overwhelmed yet trying to stay strong.  We are again placed in a situation of living in a new area and being with many others who are also struggling with their health.  We already have many stories we could share, and it has only been one week!

With the news we have received this past week, of the extended time of care for Anna, we are once again asking for your help.  The oricinal goal of $50,000, which has recently been met, will cover three months of care and treatments.  We had hoped this would be all that would be needed, but now we are faced with a six month stay.  As hard as this is for us to do, we are raising our goal for Anna's health care to $100,000.  This amount will cover the six months medical care that she will need.  

The response of so many has been incredibly generous, and we cannot thank you enough.  Your love and concern have been overwhelming to us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Unfortunately, we have to keep going for Anna's sake.  If you can pass the word to others who might be interested in helping, we would greatly appreciate it.  

There are two fundraisers being planned for this Saturday, November 23.  Please see the flyers above for more information.  

Again, we are so thankful to each of you for enduring this situation with us.  Our lives have been turned upside down by this, but your love and support have sustained us.  Thank you again.  

With grateful hearts,
Gil, Lisa, Adam, Evan and Anna

by Norm and Renita Harber
November 11, 2013

Today began Anna's long fight to regain her health!  It was all paperwork and orientation today, and tomorrow, she begins the treatments.  They were impressed by the staff at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.  Anna is excited to begin, and get this ball rolling!!  In Lisa's words, "We are thankful to all our dear friends and family who are making this possible.  THANK YOU!!"  They met a man from North Alabama today who has been greatly helped by this clinic.  How encouraging!  

The flyers above are two ways those of us in Middle TN can show our support for Anna next Saturday.  November 23rd, there will be events in Hendersonville, TN (north side of Nashville) and Nolensville, TN (southeast side of Nashville).  

On Saturday morning, at 9:00 a.m., Anna's Broadmoor friends will have a craft fair, bake sale, yard sale at the Merrol Hyde Magnet School.  Please come and shop and show your love and support for Anna!  There will be live music from noon to 3 (close of the sale), so if you enjoy that, plan your visit accordingly.  Go to for more information.  (see flyers above, too)

On Saturday afternoon, beginning with registration at 2:30, there will be a 5K benefit walk in historic downtown Nolensville.  The walk begins officially at 3:30 and food and fun at 4:30.  The cost is $25 for ages 12 & up, $10 for ages 5 - 11 and young children are free.  Go to for more information and registration.  

Please continue your prayers to our Almighty Father for Anna to get the answers she needs!  He is the Great Physician!  

by Norm and Renita Harber
Well, the time has come!  Tomorrow, Friday 11/8, Gil, Lisa and Anna will begin their trip to Palm Harbor, Florida.  Gil will stay for the first week as they get settled and begin the appointments on Monday.  We are praying that this will be the last stop for Anna until she can come HOME to stay!

We are still hoping to find a more permanent dwelling for them in the area between Clearwater and Palm Harbor.  Distance is a big factor, and they hope to limit the driving time each day, and especially hope to be able to attend worship services closeby.  If you know of any condos available, even for rent, in the area mentioned above, please let me know.  (click "contact the organizer" button)

As mentioned previously, plans for a CRAFT AND BAKE SALE are underway inHendersonville, TN, on Saturday, November 23, at Merrol Hyde Magnet School (next to Hendersonville Medical Center).  Please see the poster to the right in the pictures.  We will have handmade crafts, gift baskets, a coffee bar, baked goods and live music (9 AM - 3 PM).  Plan to do your holiday shopping here!  All proceeds from this sale will go toward medical expenses for Anna.

Please come and please, spread the word!  

by Norm and Renita Harber
What a day we had on Sunday!  The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day to worship Him and end the day celebrating our young sister and her mother's return to our Broadmoor family on Sunday evening!  It had been 6 months since many had seen them.  Anna LOVES babies and we have had so many since she has been able to be at our assemblies!  

After traveling home on Friday and Saturday from Mayo Clinic, Lisa and Anna were able to get out on Sunday night for worship and then 112 people gathered afterward to eat and celebrate her 15th birthday.  Her grandparents, her aunt and uncle, cousins and, of course, her brothers and parents all joined the Broadmoor family in our home as we feasted together on delicious soups and salads everyone brought, sang Happy Birthday, (and a special production of "Hey, Anna"), gave Anna gifts and cards, and closed the evening singing praises together.   (Enjoy the video above of our party).

Now, they repack and get ready for their trip to Palm Harbor, FL later this week, where she will begin treatments on Monday.  Hopefully, if the Lord wills, this will provide the answers they have been seeking.  Anna is so ready to get this show on the road!  This morning, she cuddled with her mom and said, "This is the last leg!  I think I'm gonna get well!  This is it!"  Anna, we hope and pray that it's a short leg and that you'll be back with us soon.  In the meantime, your team will be here praying for you and cheering you on!  

Another exciting thing happened this weekend...we hit the $30,000 mark right at 2 weeks!  Amazing love has been shown.  There are some donations yet to be added, but we are well on our way to covering the first 3 months of treatment.  After her first couple of days in Florida, we should know more how many weeks/months of treatment will be needed, so please, keep on praying and telling Anna's story.   The battle belongs to the Lord, Anna!  Never ever give up! 

by Norm and Renita Harber
Dear Team Anna,

We have so much to be thankful for today!  First, for those of us in Middle Tennessee, it's a beautiful day after some terrible storms passed through last night.  It feels and looks like fall today.  God's creation and season changes are so refreshing and they help us to remember that HE IS IN CONTROL!

Secondly, I told you on the last update that we were so close to meeting the $10,000 match from  Well, we DID meet it easily that day, and have far surpassed that.  Since their offer ONE WEEK ago, we have added $20,000+.  They said it was the fastest match anyone has ever met!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  1213 will be processing a check soon, which will get us much closer to our goal by the end of this month!  If you haven't heard of 1213, please go to the website above and read what they do and consider helping them on an ongoing basis.  

Thirdly, today is a big day for the Boohers!  Lisa and Anna have been packing the van for two days and are trying to head out from Rochester, MN very soon. (picture to come)  They will get to St. Louis by tonight, and then HOME tomorrow!  Please pray for their safety.  I think Lisa was up all night getting them ready to go.  They have been at the Ronald McDonald house for exactly four months and have made friends there, so are a bit sad, but are very anxious to get home!  They will only be home for less than a week before heading to Florida for the next (and hopefully, final) course of treatment.  

Lastly, there are some additional fundraisers being planned.  Some of the ladies from Broadmoor are planning a craft fair/bake sale/auction for 11/23 from 9 - 3 in the Hendersonville, TN area at Merroll Hyde school.  And Anna's cousins are having an event in the Nolensville, TN area around that same date.  Stay tuned for details of those!

I wanted to share with you something that Anna's brothers have been doing that you might not have caught.  They are both very talented classical pianists and for each $10,000, they are recording a video of one of them playing.  Evan played the first $10,000 mark (he's in the black shirt) and Adam played for the $20,000 mark.  Scroll down on the right to the bottom of the pictures and you will see their videos.  Great job, guys!  

I have been amazed at the outpouring of love from so many, many of whom do not know the Boohers, but have given so generously.  God's people are so giving!  Please continue to tell others about Anna's story and support this sweet girl in her trials.  We will share pictures and videos from her 15th birthday party Sunday night as soon as possible!  

With gratitude,

by Norm and Renita Harber
We have an exciting announcement to make today for TEAM ANNA!  Since 1213's offer four days ago, we have raised over $7000, which will be matched by 1213!    Your $10 donation gives Anna $20, your $100 donation gives her $200, and the $1000 donation will double for $2000 toward getting her some answers.  We are also very close to the $20,000 mark, which would be wonderful to hit today! 

Anna and Lisa (her mom) are going through a rough last week of appointments at Mayo, but will begin their journey back to Nashville on Friday, arriving Saturday.  Anna's 15th birthday is Sunday, so we are planning a big birthday celebration for her here Sunday night with her friends and family around her!  Pictures will follow.  Then they will begin packing for their long trip and stay in Palm Harbor, FL.

We have been watching God work through so many of you to make things happen for this sweet family.  Something is in the works now that will be such a huge blessing for them in Florida, because one person told one other person about her story.  

Raising a large sum of money is daunting if you think in terms of doing it alone, but when God is in control, it's an amazing thing to watch!  In Lisa's words to me last night, "It is so wonderful to be a part of God's family!"  May He bless you all for your generosity, and keep on "telling one other person"!  

by Norm and Renita Harber
We are very excited and thankful tonight to announce that the charitable organization, 1213, has offered a $10,000 match from Friday forward.   Every dollar that you donate will be matched by them up to $10,000!  So please do not stop giving now.  Every $10 will get Anna $20 closer to an answer!  Thank you so much to 1213 for coming to us and offering this gift!  What a great organization.  Check them out at and take the 12X13 challenge.  But donate here first!  :-)  

by Norm and Renita Harber
The most recent update is that Anna will be entering the hospital tomorrow for a procedure to help her feel better.  She will also have a diagnostic test on Friday.  If all of this goes well, after four months of living in MN, we will be heading HOME the end of next week!  We are getting excited, but Anna must first get through this week.  Please continue praying for her, and we also appreciate your continued donations toward her treatments that will begin in November in Florida.

Thank you again for helping us find Answers for Anna!



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