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[SEE UPDATE #21 posted 2/12/15]

In early 2012, our sweet friend Anna, then 13 years old, had the first of 3 seizures, which in time led to numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, blurred vision, and fatigue.  One year later, Anna's abdomen suddenly distended, causing nausea and vomiting, resulting in a feeding tube for six weeks.  By April, she had a sudden onset of scoliosis with curvature of 31 degrees.  A month later, it had changed to 47 degrees, and her colon functions began to slow down.

Doctors in Nashville could not explain Anna's symptoms and had no answers.  Her parents made the decision to take her to the Mayo Clinic in MN, where she saw many specialists and underwent many diagnostic tests.  Mayo physicians determined that the muscles in Anna's colon and bladder were not functioning. But nothing was providing answers needed to remedy this problem.  

Desperate for answers, independent labs were consulted next, and results indicated her nerves and muscles had been affected by Lyme Disease and its various co-infections, as well as intestinal infections. In November 2013, the family consulted with a doctor in Florida who had hoped he could help Anna, but after a time, he realized he could not. Continuing to search for answers for their daughter, the Boohers found a new doctor in Sarasota, FL.  Anna is currently receiving treatments at the Florida Integrated Medical Center,and after three months of treatments, is seeing some improvements. 

The tests and treatments are costly, to the tune of $3,000-4,000/week, plus housing costs. As this has been a long ongoing process, the family would be so grateful for financial help to get Anna's body functioning again!    

If you are willing and able, please contribute with Paypal through this site, or send a check to the address below:

Anna Rose Booher Trust
c/o First Tennessee Bank
4771 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, TN  37076
Attn: Walker Ferebee

Her family believes that God has a plan for Anna's life and He will provide for her through the love of others.  Thanks in advance for helping Anna find the answers she needs.  Her friends and church family are trying to do all we can first, but we will need others' help to see this through.  Please pray for her, and please give if you can!  Any amount will help.  And please pass this on.  

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