Andra Grace- The dog dragged behind a truck

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Andra Grace ( Andra meaning strong and courageous, and Grace just because she is beautiful), is a young pitbull mix who has been rescued by SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast after being dragged behind a truck. Animal Control officers in Greenville County South Carolina, were contacted after people saw the rope break and called for help. Andra's injuries are severe. Her back paws have been completely de-gloved as well as her toenails all ripped out. Her front paw pads are pretty bad as well. Her belly and mammary glands have also been torn up and she was emaciated when brought into the vet on November 29th. Andra's worst injuries are to her knees, which have been ripped apart to where her tendons are exposed. Andra is currently under the care of a 24 hour veterinary emergency team. She is being kept comfortable with IV fluids, pain meds and ant biotics. She will need surgery on her knees and possibly skin grafts. This poor baby has a long road to recovery ahead of her, but our rescue will do whatever it takes to get her there!!! We are also offering a $1000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of her abuser.
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