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Amy is battling a recurrence of breast cancer that is now stage 4. Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 3, underwent surgeries removing lymph nodes and had double modified mastectomies, followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and 38 radiation treatments. Beginning of Summer 2013, Amy started having severe pains in back, neck and ribs. After several visits to doctors, she went in for a CT scan which showed lesions on the bones. Next, the bone scan which confirmed metastasis to the bones of neck, spine, pelvis and ribs, and femurs. After the news, she didn't know what she was going to do. She was raising 4 children as a single mother and just lost her job as a full-time neonatal nurse practitioner. Amy had just started working part-time at a rural hospital in Texas. With no insurance, medical bills piled up from her last battle with breast cancer, it seems impossible to survive financially with this new battle! Amy asked God," why me? Why now?" So, she prayed to God for guidance & to make the best choices for her & her family. She just wants to live & see her little on start Kindergarten, and see her oldest son graduate from high school, then college. She wants to see her daughter play softball and her other son to rodeo. Then, Amy was referred to MDAnderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. She qualifies for Louisiana Medicaid  automatically, but MD Anderson doesn't accept Louiaiana Medicaid, and with working in TX for only a short while, Amy doesn't qualify for TX medicaid. We are hoping to do everything we can for her in this time of need. We want her to get all the medical attention she can get as she has to go there weekly for cancer treatment. We are so thankful for Pilots for Patients, which has been doing a great job helping her get to and from the hospital in Houston, Texas from Monroe, Louisiana. Amy now has insurance, but it only covers a portion of the large cost.  Her chemo is $21,000/dose. She gets 3 doses/ month. She also gets numerous CT scans, nuclear bone scans every 8 weeks. Shr recently finished her 3 weeks of daily radiation treatments as we'll. We pray Amy and her 4 children can have the financial burden eased for assistance with medical & living expenses while she undergoes treatment for the next 6 to 12 months. God bless! Phil 4:13
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