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This fundraiser is closed. Thank you for your support!

There are sad news came in this time, unfortunately. Alexey Protasov (AMBASSADOR21, SUICIDE INSIDE) has been diagnosed with throat cancer. 

The surgery went successfully December 2nd in Warsaw and the tumor was removed. Now starts radiotherapy course, 6 weeks everyday. There is a big chance it could be helpful, because diagnosis was made on quite early phase. The doctors promise that in March Alexey should be fully recovered and his voice should be fully back. We hope Alexey will be able to sing soon. :)

We've got into difficult economic conditions. We don't have another job except music, and for some time we are not able to work with it. Also we've got additional medical expences. which we weren't ready for, of course.

It's hard time, but we believe we have enough strength and luck to pass through it.
And it will much easier with your support. We ask you about help. 
Donate, please, if you want and can.
Our PayPal address: 
To support you also can buy any digital stuff or CDs, or t-shirts on our Bandcamp or in our online store.

We have enough energy and lust for life to fight it! Also the last, but not least - we are working on new AMBASSADOR21 album and we hope to be back on the road as soon as it could be possible. We DON'T cancel any confirmed dates, and for promoters - contact us if you want to organize our gigs. 

Thank you all for your support, help and friendship! See you soon!  :)



Exactly one year ago i’ve got cancer tumor removed from my throat. Than it was hard but great year! 
I feel good, i’m strong, i’m alive & kicking. 
Today is my Thanksgiving Day. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!


Dear friends!
We will close this fundraiser at May 1st. We use the opportunity to say "thank you" to all of you one more time! Your donations was very needed and helped us in difficult time. In future still long time of recovering and medical control, but most horrible period for Alexey is already behind. It couldn't be possible without you. We almost reached the goal of this fundraiser, it makes the treatment possible. Thank you for this! We will never forget it!


You know Alexey Protasov got ill last year and AMBASSADOR21 went through the hard times with his throat cancer treatment - first surgery, than radio therapy and long recovery. You gave us your love and priceless friendship, you gave us help  via crowdfunding, you created and supported 2 amazing charity compilations - "Fuck All Diseases" and "3dorovie". The good result of his treatment couldn't be possible without you. 

Today is the release day of AMBASSADOR21 new album "Riot Generation". Today we give you what we can. EVERYONE who donated and supported Alexey during this time will receive download link for getting "RIOT GENERATION" for free (FLAC or MP3 for your choice).

Thank you! We love you all!



Hello everyone!

When AMBASSADOR21' Alexey Protasov was diagnosed with throat cancer last year and got through the surgery, radio therapy and long treatment, we asked your help and we've an unbelievably huge support from our friends and fans. The good and optimistic result of his treatment couldn't be possible without you. Big help were given via crowdfunding, to making and buying "Fuck All Diseases" compilation, buying merch via our store.

AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" CD / LP coming up March 31st.

At March 31st EVERYONE who donated and supported Alexey during this time will receive download code for getting "RIOT GENERATION" (FLAC version) via AMBASSADOR21 Bandcamp. It's just a smallest we can give you to show our thankfulness and respect.

Thank you!

"Riot Generation" is dedicated to you!

The hell has frozen over! Today i've god last radiotherapy session! 
Now is 4-6 weeks for recovering. 
Hope in one week or so this fucking pain will gone!


My dear friends!
As you know, last October i've been diagnosed with throat cancer. I've got a surgery in the beginning of December and afterwards started radiotherapy course, which is nearly finished. 

During this time I've got a huge feedback from you - than and now your empathy let me feel less pain. I always used to rely on myself, but this time at least half of my strength i've got from you.

Now i want to say - i still need your help, which you already gave a lot, but it's still needed. 

If you wish and can, just give it here. 

We are in few steps to reach the goal, and it's very important for us this time.

There are also some ways to help - buying merch in our store ( or music via Bandcamp (, 

or at least sharing this. 

Thank you! 

Due cancer i've got back my faith in people. It was worth it.

Hope to see you soon! 


Alexey Protasov (AMBASSADOR21)


2/3 of 60-days radiotherapy course done, exactly 2 weeks left. The monitoring shows very big progress and doctors are sure that i should be totally clean after therapy. It makes me optimistic about future. If speaking about how i feel myself now, i can say i never ever felt worse than now. But these days i read again and again all this words you said me and it helps me infinitely. Your support, financial and psychological, which you gives me, keep me just fucking alive. It's time to say one more time - THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

Out now on our Bandcamp!

"Fuck All Diseases" is an amazing charity compilation made by our friends in support of Alexey. 
It's awesome present and big surprise, but also a great project with 19 incredible sounding tracks! 
Thanks a lot to all our friends who made it! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Hello everybody! 
We wish to thank all of you who supported us in this hard times. Your help is really priceless for us!
As you know, AMBASSADOR21' Alexey Protasov got a surgery of the throat cancer and now he is getting long-course radiotherapy in clinic in Warsaw. 
We still need your help to win this fight. We should increase the goal in our fundraising company, so if you want to give your support, please do!

There are alternative ways to show your support - you can buy CD, or t-shirt, or digital track or album in our online shop or Bandcamp store:

Thank you so much! We couldn't do it without your help and frienship!
See you at AMBASSADOR21 gigs soon! It's for sure! 
We can't wait when we could say the words of our huge thankfulness to you personally! 

Happy New Year to everybody! Wish you lots of fun and happiness in 2014! 
Let's a lot of great events will happen & let's tonnes of best music will come in new year!
Expect AMBASSADOR21' best album ever in new year, too - especially for you!
Thank you very much for being with us this year!
See you soon!


Hello everybody! 

The surgery is behind and everything we do is on the good way, with your great help! 

From December 30th i will start 6 weeks course radiotherapy in Warsaw. We don't close the campaign, because we still need some help and your donations are very welcome. There is also an alternative way to support - you can buy stuff in our online shop or Bandcamp store

Thank you very much for being with us! 

See you soon! Happy New Year!


Hello everybody! 

Well, here is a time to tell some news and thank you again for all your help and priceless support! 

Alexey Protasov got a surgery of the throat cancer last week. The first step done, and done well - the operation went successfully and the tumor was removed. Now Alexey is back home. From December 30th he will start 6 weeks course radiotherapy in clinic in Warsaw. The prognosis is very good. The doctors are sure he could be fully treated and recovered in March and his voice also will be fully back. It makes us fucking happy! 

We are very grateful for your support and help! We are grateful for each word you said and keep saying! We are grateful for all money you sent and keep sending! It's support us a lot and make us sure we could do all this stuff which should be done! 

With your enormous help we've reached the goal of the fundraiser campaign in very short term. We don't close the campaign, because we still need some help and your donations are very welcome. There is also an alternative way to support - you can buy stuff in our online shop or our Bandcamp store. 

Thank you so much! 

We will see you soon! 

See you at AMBASSADOR21 gigs after March!

No homemade cappuccino for me today, as i hoped, but doctors know better and decided to keep me here in the hospital few more days. Everything goes well with my throat after operation - it seems i will never be able to sing like Justin Bieber anymore, but for the POWER RAGE RIOT DEATH i will be fucking OK!


As was planned, operation was carried out today. It's continued 3 hours. Everything went well.
We hope the recovery period for Alexey will be not too long and he could be back on stage to scream very soon! Thanks so much to all doctors who were involved in the operation! Thanks so much to all of you for enormous support and wishes from the bottom of your hearts! We love you!!!

Now Alexey sleeping in monitoring room for a next hours. Hope tomorrow he will be able to write something by himself. But now sweet dreams Alexey!

Thanks a lot to everyone at the Return To The Batcave Festival (Wroclaw, Poland) for such powerful and loud support last night!


Tomorrow 7 AM already go to the hospital and next days they will prepare me for surgery at monday. Wish me good luck!
I will be in touch on FB (hopefully, most of the time). You'll never silence the voice of the voiceless! ;)
I can't find the right words to express my thanks to you for your support. All words are much less than what i really feel. You help, you support, you give me my courage back. Thank you! And hope very soon me and AMBASSADOR21 will say it to all of you personally from stage!

It's really amazing how the worst feelings can be turned to the best ones when you get so much support and help from friends! Now we have no doubts we will win this battle and beat this bitch! 
Thanks very much to all who involved, can't name all of you - you know who you are. I email personally to each of you. Sorry if couldn't do it next weeks in the hospital, but i'll be in touch anyway! 
Thanks again and see you soon!



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