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There are sad news came in this time, unfortunately. Alexey Protasov (AMBASSADOR21, SUICIDE INSIDE) has been diagnosed with throat cancer. 

The surgery went successfully December 2nd in Warsaw and the tumor was removed. Now starts radiotherapy course, 6 weeks everyday. There is a big chance it could be helpful, because diagnosis was made on quite early phase. The doctors promise that in March Alexey should be fully recovered and his voice should be fully back. We hope Alexey will be able to sing soon. :)

We've got into difficult economic conditions. We don't have another job except music, and for some time we are not able to work with it. Also we've got additional medical expences. which we weren't ready for, of course.

It's hard time, but we believe we have enough strength and luck to pass through it.
And it will much easier with your support. We ask you about help. 
Donate, please, if you want and can.
Our PayPal address: 
To support you also can buy any digital stuff or CDs, or t-shirts on our Bandcamp or in our online store.

We have enough energy and lust for life to fight it! Also the last, but not least - we are working on new AMBASSADOR21 album and we hope to be back on the road as soon as it could be possible. We DON'T cancel any confirmed dates, and for promoters - contact us if you want to organize our gigs. 

Thank you all for your support, help and friendship! See you soon!  :)


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