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Our 32 year-old sister, Amanda, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Her symptoms began around January when she started training for the Ogden Marathon. She chalked it up to be stress or just from running so much. The symptoms persisted until finally, on September 11th, she went in for a colonoscopy. As luck would have it, doctors found a mass that was almost completely obstructing her colon.

On September 28th, she had surgery to remove the tumor, her appendix, and a portion of her small bowel. In a month, she will have CT scan to determine whether nodules in her lungs are cancer or not (hopefully they're just from the dirty Utah air). She will also begin her treatment of Chemo. Even though she acts like she is tough as nails (because she is) we think this scares her a lot. She has had some very rough days with more to come, but she has been a trooper from the beginning. The only complaint she has is not being able to do things for herself and also does not want to be a burden to anyone. She remains positive, hopeful, and amazing.

Amanda teaches 4th grade at Alianza Academy where she is paid hourly. She has health insurance, but many of you know that medical bills add up even when you are insured. She's missed so much work already and there is a big possibility this may be the case for the next few months. Please help us ease a little of her financial burden.

Much Love,
The Catano Family
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