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Aiden Taylor is a vibrant second grader who enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing outside, and he loves his dogs, Bennie and Elmer AND his hamster, Aiden Jr.

Aiden had been having headaches for a few months. After several doctor's appointments and perseverance on behalf of his parents, a 2 x 1 1/2 inch tumor was found resting on his brainstem on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  The following day, an MRI showed that he also had other masses on his brain and three tumors on his spine.

Aiden underwent surgery on Thursday the 23rd, to remove the tumor on his brain, however the remaining brain masses will have to be  treated with chemotherapy and radiation. A second surgery took place on Thursday, January 28th where surgeons attempted to remove the masses on his spine that had been causing signficant leg and back pain.  Unfortunately, they were unable to remove the masses on spine because they were wrapped around his spinal cord and very dense in nature.   The decision was made that removing the masses could endanger his ability to walk and control his bowels. Therefore, the remaining massess will be treated with chemotherapy and radiation.   Shortly after his second surgery, pathology from his first surgery diagnosed Aiden with Medulloblastoma.

Josh and Lisa are currently working on finding the best treatment plan and facility for Aiden. Please continue to pray that Aiden will receive the best treatment plan available. 

Given Aiden's diagnosis, we have increased our fundraising goal to reflect the ongoing medical and living expenses that the Taylor's will incur as they seek treatment.  Thank you to all those that that have given what you are able - any amount is a blessing to Josh and Lisa as they are able to stay by Aiden's bedside.

A note from mom and dad:  Thank you so much for caring about him. He is such a strong boy and has really has a positive outlook.  We have had a great support system through family and friends! Our family appreciates everyone sending great thoughts and prayers Aiden's way!

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