Aggressive Brain Tumor Leaves Family Fighting for Survival

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Beneficiary: Cary Borter Organizer: Michelle Marek and Holly Wealton

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Sometimes in life your world can change in the blink of an eye; all the things you took for granted yesterday are robbed from you today, and the fight for mere existence tomorrow, is a battle you are overwhelmed trying to win.

Such is the story of Cary Borter, the 60 year “young” father of 7 and grandfather of 4.

Cary was the picture of health; worked out regularly, ate healthy and never drank alcohol.

Cary was a hard-working man by day, who was also able to live his dream as a professional drummer by night.

Cary played with bands such as the Manhattan Skyline and The Flamingo’s in the 70’s, and up until as recent as last month The Joey Kennedy Band for the last 20 years.


On Valentine’s Day, less than a month ago, life changed for Cary and his entire family. Cary had been acting a bit disoriented and confused, so his wife Vicki took him the ER to have him checked out. What seemed to be something simple, turned their lives upside down.  

An MRI discovered a stage IV Glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain cancer known to date.

It was that quick: Wednesday he was fine and healthy going about his daily routines, Thursday he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and a mere 4 days later he endured brain surgery to have the massive growth partially removed.

Now the battle for survival is complicated by the reality of having no health insurance. At this point not only is there concern of receiving  health care and medications but even simple day to day expenses such as food and household expenses are a struggle as Cary is unable to return to work at this time.

This is why we are asking for help. Cary has been a loving father, husband and all around wonderful human being and now needs whatever help you can offer in this terrible time of need. Anything can help.


For your contribution we would like to offer you a gift; for any donation over $40 (plus You Caring's small 5% processing fee);1 month of spray tanning at the most elite tanning salon in the Nation; Boca Tanning Club of Coral Springs;

Or for any donation over $20 we will be holding 2 bootcamp style Fitness Classes lead by VITAMIN K Fitness on March 16th at Markham Park in Sunrise, FL. Any questions on how to redeem can be directed to Michelle at

Anything helps even if you cannot do the requirement for the gifts we would be eternally grateful for any contribution you can make. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to help in this dire time of need
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