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A New Chance For David

$3,702raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Beneficiary: David & Bobbi Schrimsher

Super Grandpa and Wonder Grandma.

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Super Grandpa and Wonder Grandma
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We have just recieved our Christmas miracle!! David has been accepted for Transplant of both a liver and a kidney. He will be listed after Christmas!! Now the hard work really begins!! Please pray that I will be able to maintain my  job, my insurance and my sanity until he is transplanted. Prayers really do work as we have already proven!!
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Hello, We are the Schrimshers. Up until seven years ago we were just like everyone else, working to make a living, raising our kids and enjoying our friends. Then in one day our lives were changed forever. We found out that David had Hepatitis C and that he would need a liver transplant. During the time leading up to the transplant, David was forced to fight for disability for over a year and we ended up selling our family home to help pay the bills. We were just thankful we were able to do this and in March 2010, two days after our first Granddaughter was born, David recieved his new liver. He suffered through countless complications and procedures, doing everything in his power to protect this precious gift he had recieved. Unfortunately, after two years, his body has started to reject the new liver and his kidneys are now struggling also. He needs another transplant. My place of work has been very understanding but I have recently had to go on unpaid FMLA leave to help David at home as he waits for a new transplant. We are struggling and I will soon be out of work when the FMLA runs out in eight weeks. We strongly believe that God has gotten us this far and we also believe there are a lot of angels on earth. Some told us about this site and I have set it up in hopes that many of you will find it in your heart to help us out in our time of need. God bless all of you!!
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