A mothers battle <3

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HI, Im here to try to help my sister cataryna. she is only the young prime age of 23 years old and she has two of the most beautiful children. she is a single parent. About three and half years ago she contracted a rare strain of flesh-eating bacteria called VRSA that colonized behind both of her ear drums. Over the past three years she has seen many specialists as well as doctors both military and civilians.But to no prevail nothing is curing it. She has undergone surgery and many anti-biotics. Her body just refuses to kick it out. normally about every two weeks her ears swell and bleed as well as gain blisters all the way past the ear drum to the side of her face. but recently in the past couple of months it is now spread through-out her whole body she is always tired, weak and in pain. now doctors just give her lots of pain medications to cope and still be able to play with her children. No one knows exactly how long it will take to shut down her body. I am hoping that through this site she can either get enough funds to seek out even better help and find a cure or atleast if and when it does take her, her two children will still have a life. My twin sister and her children mean the world to me and I will be forever grateful if we can all pull together and try to save there lives....
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