A Kidney for Shaun (Shaun Alt)

A Kidney for Shaun

For: Shaun Alt
Organizer: Rachel Alt
A Kidney for Shaun (Shaun Alt)
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The Cause...
Shaun Alt was diagnosed with Kidney Renal Failure. We recently found out that his sister, Rachel is a perfect match and after a little more testing; she may be able to donate her kidney to him! This is a miracle that you help to can make happen!

The magnitude of costs is astounding! The anti-rejection medications, steroids, immunity medications and other post surgery treatments could be over $3,000 a month. We need assistance to cover those expenses before the surgery can be completed.

A little bit about Shaun...
Shaun is 36 years old. He was blessed with a very large and loving family. He and his wife Tami have 8 beautiful children. They are a very happy, close-knit family with so much to look forward to!

If you ever met Shaun, you'd love him instantly! He is funny, good natured, an amazing father, son, brother, a hard worker and a great friend! For many years, he has been coaching football for the Pop Warner group as well as volunteering throughout the community for many events.
He and his entire family were the first on the streets after Sandy to help pick up the pieces and help the families in need! He's volunteered at the local churches to bring dinners to families who needed help. He does what he can to help his community.

I myself, as his sister can attest how wonderful my big brother is. I've seen him grow from a goofy boy to man to an amazing father. I have never been so impressed by a person for thier strength and mission to keep on going. He will not give up!

I am asking you today to help in any way you can to make this happen for us.


by Rachel Alt
If you are interested in the shirt or bracelet fundraiser, please place your order soon! You can click on Connie and Eileen's name for the shirts and Tricia's name for the bracelets.

I will post a picture of each of these items in picture gallery on the site!

Tricia Walag -bracelets
Constance Jones & Eileen Berecsky -shirts

by Rachel Alt
An update from Shaun: Getting ready for bed since I have a 5:30am appointment with my own personal R2d2 (his dialysis machine). Just reading some things on here and would like to thank a few people. Chuck Morro for post me all over the place. Tricia Walag for the bracelets and Eileen Berecsky and Constance Jones for the shirts. Manuel Patrick Flores for donating and just even caring all the way from SC, Adam Sampson for your messaging and helping with other stuff. Everyone else for all the kind words and donations and mostly the support of my family. Anyone else I forget please forgive me.
But mostly I want to thank my wife Tami Alt for being amazing this whole time. She has dealt with this with me like it was her illness. Dealing with all the side effects of medication, my grumpy ass and all the hospital drs . I hope she knows how much I love her
and my sister Rachel Isnowa Cosnoski's donation HAHA and setting everything up.

From Rachel: I also just wanted to thank everyone who has helped to support our cause. It's such an awesome feeling when you have people to back you up and are they there for you in your time of need. I never thought I'd be in the position where'd I'd have to ask for help like this. I never thought that if I had asked...that the people who came foward would be the ones to the ones to put thier hands out with a donation and warm wishes. It's amazing who steps up to the plate when you least expect it. The example I have in mind is (not to single anyone out) Margaret Wise Gillen. A girl who only a year ago who essentially lost her home and everything in it. A woman who with her family had to live in a hotel  because of Superstorm Sandy.... SHE was the very first one to step up to the plate and offer what she could. I've been blown away for days. As I type this I have tears in my eyes because I know how hard it is for her and STILL... when she could be there for me....she was. You never really know how someone can effect you.

Since her donation, other donations have been pouring in. Each one bringing us closer and closer to our goal. Although I plan on making my rounds and thanking each and everyone of you who donated and shared my link, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you all.  Each and everyone of you has touched my family in a way that is impossible to express how truly thankful we are. From the very bottom of my heart and core of my being. THANK YOU.

Please don't forget to keep sharing the link, I want this global!!!


by Rachel Alt
SO SORRY, I MISSED SOME OF THAT BEAUSTIFUL POST! CONT'D FROM TAMI'S PAGE: And please to my friends who have friends who have helped us or a friend of a friend, please tell them I said THANK YOU!! I want everyone who has taken the time out for Shaun, my kids and myself that I am so very thankful!

by Rachel Alt
I saw this on Tami's (Shaun's Wife) facebook page and thought I would share! Update Read: Tami Alt feeling blessed with Shaun Alt So my emotions are running high and I have been looking for the right words to say. I really don't think there is such a thing as "right words" at this point. Coming on facebook and seeing all the love and support that everyone has shown is unbelievable! My friends and my kids friends sharing the green ribbon in support of Shaun, old high school friends contacting Shaun and myself just to let us know they are thinking about him and then the page that everyone is sharing to help! That page has made it to Pinelands and Florida and even Missouri! Places that I least expected! I honest to god can not express how I truly feel. My emotions run high on a dialy basis but this has just taken me to the top. Thank you so much for all your continued support! In the end I hope and pray that Shaun will be able to get his kidney and that we can all get on with our normal lives. My kids will get their sense or normalcy back and I will get my happy go lucky husband back! Sorry for the rambling! There are not right words to say other then what I am feeling!!!

by Rachel Alt
About 20 minutes ago this page will have been set up for 24 hours....and look how far we've come already!!! We've almost broken $1000 dollars in donations! Isn't it amazing how generous people can be? I have never asked for much because I have never expected much. This is life changing for me (literally!). I am so emotionally..... emotional! How can it be that people like you and me can find it in their hearts to share something so precious....life sustaining....comfort giving....hard earned money! Thank you for this. It’s not just money to us. It’s the way to help my brother and his family endure this...to SURVIVE this. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. And not to be a downer....but we still have so far to go! For those of you still thinking about it or on the fence...PLEASE, if you can donate even a little...donate! If you cannot donate, at least share the page so others can have to opportunity to donate and share! And share it more than once! I’d like to make this GLOBAL! HERE IS OUR MISSION: TO KIDNEY DISEASE’S ASS. GO TITANS!



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A Kidney for Shaun

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