A Kidney for Shaun

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Beneficiary: Shaun Alt Organizer: Rachel Alt

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The Cause...
Shaun Alt was diagnosed with Kidney Renal Failure. We recently found out that his sister, Rachel is a perfect match and after a little more testing; she may be able to donate her kidney to him! This is a miracle that you help to can make happen!

The magnitude of costs is astounding! The anti-rejection medications, steroids, immunity medications and other post surgery treatments could be over $3,000 a month. We need assistance to cover those expenses before the surgery can be completed.

A little bit about Shaun...
Shaun is 36 years old. He was blessed with a very large and loving family. He and his wife Tami have 8 beautiful children. They are a very happy, close-knit family with so much to look forward to!

If you ever met Shaun, you'd love him instantly! He is funny, good natured, an amazing father, son, brother, a hard worker and a great friend! For many years, he has been coaching football for the Pop Warner group as well as volunteering throughout the community for many events.
He and his entire family were the first on the streets after Sandy to help pick up the pieces and help the families in need! He's volunteered at the local churches to bring dinners to families who needed help. He does what he can to help his community.

I myself, as his sister can attest how wonderful my big brother is. I've seen him grow from a goofy boy to man to an amazing father. I have never been so impressed by a person for thier strength and mission to keep on going. He will not give up!

I am asking you today to help in any way you can to make this happen for us.

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